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Delightful Doodles: Free Drawing Patterns to Download and Fill In!

Get your doodle on! It’s no secret that doodling can be a blast, so why not kick your sketches up a notch? That’s exactly what our drawing patterns are for. Draw whatever you like in the large empty spaces — you can draw shapes, repeating patterns, something that relates to the patterns subject matter or go in a completely different direction. The choice is yours! Here’s an example of a finished pattern to get your creative juices flowing:

Drawing Pattern example - filled in

These drawing sheets, also sometimes called zentangles, are a great way to practice your skills and exercise your own creativity. Plus, they’re fun, relaxing and free!

Break out your pencils, pens, markers or whichever medium you love most and start doodling away.

Download FREE Now »

Downloadable drawing patternDownloadable mountain drawing pattern

Download FREE Now »

P.S. Upload a copy of your finished drawing pattern to Bluprint so everyone can see different artists’ approaches! 

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Annette Taylor

Love the colouring.. I had books years ago called “ALTAIR DESIGN BOOKS” They were great and left everything to your imagination


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