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6 Super Simple Tips to Improve Your Handwriting

Would you like to make your everyday handwriting more beautiful? A beautiful handwritten script can turn paper craft projects and artwork into meaningful, artistic messages. And making your day-to-day handwriting worthy of creative projects isn’t as hard as it seems.

White handwriting on black

As a professional calligrapher, I spend a lot of time thinking about calligraphy and handwriting. I’ve come up with a handful of tips for how anyone (not just artists!) can transform their handwriting.

1. Write slowly.

Writing slowly is the easiest way to improve your handwriting immediately. When you take your time writing, you can pay more attention to the actual shapes of the letters, instead of just the content.

2. Use guidelines.

Having your writing clearly sitting on a line improves the clarity. If you can’t use lined paper, lightly draw in your own lines using a ruler and pencil.

3. Pay attention to your posture and position.

In historical movies, you might notice that characters who are writing pen and ink letters are seated at a desk with an inkwell nearby. They’re not writing on a scrap of paper against the door of the horse drawn carriage!

Take a hint from yesteryear: Posture is key to improving your handwriting. Sit down comfortably to write, with your feet on the floor and back straight. Do not hunch or curl over your writing; stay upright. Keep your writing in front of your chest, not to the left or right of your body.

Calligraphy Tools

4. Use nice materials.

Bring out your lovely paper and your favorite pen, and watch your writing improve! Using nice materials will automatically make your more attentive to the shapes your are creating. Write with your beautiful fountain pen every day.

5. Don’t forget spacing

Keep enough space between the lines of your writing. When you leave more room between lines, you can avoid collisions of ascenders and descenders (such as the tail of the g or the loop of the f). This will greatly improve legibility. Another rule of thumb: Keep the equivalent of a small letter in between each of your words or numbers.

6. Hold your pen gently.

Don’t strangle your pen. Don’t push too hard. Enough said.



Thank you. I loved my teachers’ beautiful handwriting and it’s rare now. I’m a teacher and am pleasantly surprised when a student turns in something that looks like art. Just a lovely touch that’s appreciated.


Thank you for these writing tips.

I sooooo appreciate the generosity of you and


Speed, or lack of it, is indeed important. My pages start out beautifully and start to disintegrate about mid page as I get impatient and write faster and faster. The faster I go the less legible is my writing. Calligraphy is really fun and I am glad they now offer those courses.


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