Acrylic Painting

It's time to paint your art

Paint Your Art Out: Essential Illustration Painting Techniques

By Jessie Oleson Moore

When it comes to illustration painting techniques, the sky is the limit. In fact, there are so many ways to tell your story in painted images that it can just about make your head spin. But we can help you manage the creative madness. Get ready to prep, sketch & paint: Here are the must-know techniques for amazing painted illustrations!

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Learn How to Improve Your Paintings In 5 Easy Steps

By Susan Fox
Some paintings ideas take more planning than others. These steps to better paintings break down the most important aspects to solve one problem at a time. The earlier in the process you can solve a problem the better. Best of all, it frees you to focus on the sheer joy of painting! Read on for an easy five-step process to improving your painting Read more »

Work of Art: 12 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Art Portfolio

By Sandrine Pelissier

For artists, your portfolio is your resume. Having a great art portfolio allows you to show your work when applying for jobs or approaching a gallery for representation. Learn how to build your portfolio so you can present your work, and yourself, in the best way possible.

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Craftsy’s 2014 Pet Portrait Art Contest

By Craftsy
Craftsy Pet Portrait Art Contest

Your pet is the source of endless smiles, the best friend you can always count on and a part of your family. To celebrate your loyal companions, we want to see your best pet portraits! Enter the Craftsy 2014 Pet Portrait Contest and show your pet love. Portraits across mediums are welcome -- from oil to pen & ink. Enter to win!

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Ink on Canvas Technique: Gouache Resist

By Sandrine Pelissier

Gouache resist is a painting technique where washable gouache is used as a resist to be painted over with another medium. Follow this short step-by-step demonstration of the ink on canvas technique with gouache resist, then try it for yourself!

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Fine Art Friday: How to Choose an Easel

By Sandrine Pelissier
How to Choose an Easel

Your easel might be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you will have to buy as an artist, and you'll likely spend most of your painting or drawing time using it, so you'll want it to be comfortable. Before making the investment, it's a good idea to learn about the different types of easels and what they are designed for.

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