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Hi! I am Wendy McGowan, cake artist and former owner of Wendy Woo Cakes in Wellington, Florida! I love all things cake and am so excited to share my ideas with you! When I am not talking about, baking, decorating or eating cake, you will find me screaming on thrill rides and hanging out with my 2 kids and amazing husband at theme parks! And in case you are wondering…Wendy Woo is a nickname given to me by my Grandma, she taught me to bake and decorate cakes and lit the spark of my love for cake! Visit to check out my cakes! Happy Baking!
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Stabilizing American Buttercream

American Buttercream, simple buttercream or icing, can be made many different ways using a variety of ingredients. Today I am going to share with you how to make American Buttercream.First, there is a huge discussion about which buttercream is best and in many circles American style buttercream is not really considered a buttercream. In my bakery we offer both American Buttercream and Swiss Meringue Buttercream and I have found that my clients are split about 50/50 when it comes to which of these Read more »
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How to Use Fondant Cutters

From flowers to frills to the alphabet and more, there are tons of fondant and gum paste cutters on the market. So how do we use them to decorate cakes and how do we know which ones to use?The first big question I hear people ask is, "Can I use cookie cutters to cut out fondant?"Of course you can! Fondant cutters are very similar to cookie cutters with only a few differences. Fondant cutters sometimes have added details that work beautifully with fondant and gum paste, but that wouldn't show up well Read more »

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Covering a Cake in Modeling Chocolate

If you have been around cake for quite some time, you have likely heard the phrase, "I love the look of fondant, but I just don't like the taste" uttered at least a million times! Luckily, there is a great alternative to fondant: modeling chocolate. For those whom have never used modeling chocolate, it works very differently than fondant and yet it can look the same; better yet, it also tastes like chocolate!So what is modeling chocolate? It is made of chocolate (i.e. chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, Read more »

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Seeing Spots: How to Make an Animal Print Cake

Animal prints never go out of style. They are fun on jungle-themed baby shower or birthday cakes, and stylish on designer-style birthday and wedding cakes. Animal prints can be depicted in natural tones or fun colorful designs. In this tutorial on how to make an animal print cake, we'll cover how to paint zebra and leopard prints, as well as how to make giraffe prints from fondant. Read more »