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My name is Stefanie Japel. I learned to knit over 30 years ago from my grandmother. I’ve been designing knitwear for publication since my first pattern “Postmodern Legwarmers” appeared on in 2003. Since then, I’ve written three books and my work has appeared on television, in books, magazines, and on the web. I love to teach in-person workshops, and also teach classes right here on the amazing

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Trend Alert! Icelandic Knitting

Attention Craftsy knitters and knit lovers: as the cold weather begins to grace us with its presence, those of us that love all things yarn look forward to being able to wear comfy, handmade sweaters. This season, Icelandic Knitting is trending everywhere, and we've got some fabulous Craftsy projects to prove it! Read more »

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Fix-It Friday: Solutions for Stuck Knitters

Craftsy's own graphic design guru Amy recently found herself staring quizzically at her knitting and its pattern, not sure how to move forward. Luckily, nifty knitter Stefanie Japel was there to coach Amy through the steps to get the project back in motion. Check out Stefanie's latest tip for solving knitting dilemmas. Read more »

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Fix-It Friday: Fix Dropped Stitches in Your Knitting

Stepping back to look at the progress of your knitting only to see that you've dropped a stitch or two is enough to reduce you to tears. But Stefanie Japel will bring a smile to your face with this invaluable Fix-It Friday tip. No need to backtrack. Just follow her simple steps and repair those spots in a way that no one will ever know you dropped a stitch in the first place! Read more »