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Sherri McConnell's passion for sewing started as a young child when she received a sewing machine for her 10th birthday. As a teenager she sewed for herself and others, even sewing prom dresses and wedding attire as a part-time job. Her quilting journey began in the early 1990's when her grandmother agreed to help her make a quilt for her oldest child. Quilting for over 20 years, Sherri teaches classes and has had her designs published in Quiltmania, Quilts & More, American Patchwork & Quilting, and Stitch Magazine. She is a contributing author to Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs and has her first book, A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home coming in March 2013.

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6 Tips for Storing Quilts

Folded QuiltsYou've invested quite a bit of time and money in creating beautiful quilts and family treasures. Proper storage and care of your quilts is important not only to preserve them for future generations but also to ensure that you are able to use and enjoy them. Here are six helpful tips for properly storing and caring for your quilts. Read more »

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Small Quilts: Just the Right Size!

Small QuiltsThere are miniature quilts, there are tiny quilts, and then there are small quilts. Small quilts are typically made with blocks sized anywhere from 4” to 5”. These blocks are small, yes, but they are constructed with pieces that are big enough that make them easy to work with. They are perfect to make as gifts and for instant gratification. Read more »

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Wonderfully Versatile Basket Blocks

Basket blocks are one of those versatile quilt designs that can be pieced together in a variety of ways. They can be traditional or modern and can be made from single fabrics or feature a fun, scrappy mix of a variety of prints. Here's a look at some fun-to-sew basket blocks for your quilts. Read more »

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Setting Quilt Blocks on Point

On-Point Quilt Block SettingsOften quilters are a little nervous of quilt designs with blocks set on point, but setting quilt blocks on point is not as difficult as it might appear. Here are some tips and calculations to help you master this technique. Read more »

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Reach for the Stars: Star Block Quilts

Star Block QuiltsCreate spectacular quilts using fun, easy-to-piece star blocks. Star blocks are one of those versatile blocks that look great in almost any quilt. They are perfect for holiday quilts and samplers, and can be used in both modern or traditional projects. Read more »