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Sherri McConnell's passion for sewing started as a young child when she received a sewing machine for her 10th birthday. As a teenager she sewed for herself and others, even sewing prom dresses and wedding attire as a part-time job. Her quilting journey began in the early 1990's when her grandmother agreed to help her make a quilt for her oldest child. Quilting for over 20 years, Sherri teaches classes and has had her designs published in Quiltmania, Quilts & More, American Patchwork & Quilting, and Stitch Magazine. She is a contributing author to Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs and has her first book, A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home coming in March 2013.

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Quarter-Square Triangles: A Basic Block with Big Impact

Quarter-Square TrianglesThe quarter-square triangle block is one of those basic blocks that can make a big impact. Whether it is pieced with traditional florals, bright batiks, or modern solids, the straight lines and endless arrangements for this block make it one every quilter should be familiar with. Learn how to create and use this versatile block! Read more »

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Log Cabin: A Traditional Design for Today’s Quilts

Log Cabin QuiltsLog cabin quilts have been a staple in American quilters’ repertoire since first being made in the mid-nineteenth century. While nineteenth century quilters often used dark fabrics and wools for their log cabin quilts, quilters today use a variety of fabrics in creating their cabin quilts. Today’s cabin quilts might be straight or wonky, traditional or modern; however, they all have their roots in the early cabin quilt designs. Read more »

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Making Hanging Sleeves for Quilts

Making Hanging Sleeves for QuiltsWhile many quilts function primarily to provide warmth and beauty as bedcoverings and throws, there are also quilts made to be hung on the wall—as art, and as decoration. Making hanging sleeves for quilts is a technique every quilter should be familiar with. Read more »

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Creating Quilt Labels

Create Quilt LabelsAfter your masterpiece quilt is pieced, quilted, and bound there is still another step in the finishing process. Creating quilt labels for your treasured quilts is one way to ensure that important information about each quilt is preserved. Read more »

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Traditional Quilt Blocks for a Timeless Touch

Traditional Quilt BlocksWhile there are thousands of quilt block designs, some traditional quilt blocks never go out of style. Traditional quilt blocks are beautiful whether sewn using modern or traditional fabrics—they truly have withstood the test of time. Here are a few traditional quilt blocks that look wonderful using any variety of fabric choices. Read more »