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Maris Olsen is a seriously awesome sewing geek, and prefers to spend the majority of each day in her sewing studio. Since retiring from a hi-tech career, her new life-mission is to imbue students young and old with the love of textiles, stitching, and the pure joy of creation. She blogs about her sewing and teaching adventures at She’s also a crazy Nana, a sporadic yogi, and a wavery bike-rider.

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7 Tips on How to Tailor a Skirt for the Fit and Look You Want

Tailoring garments to fit your own unique shape and size can seem like a daunting process, but this important skill is definitely within your reach. With a little bit of easy math and a few tools you can learn how to tailor a skirt. A simple skirt is a great place to begin, as there are usually only a few pattern pieces that need to be adjusted. Soon, you will have a skirt pattern customized just for you! Read more »
dress with piping

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Finishing Techniques for the Inside and Out

Start challenging yourself to add a new detail or finish to some of the garments you sew. Have fun learning new techniques while you expand your sewing toolkit, and at the same time learn to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments for your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas to get you jump started! Read more »

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Make the Perfect Jacket: How to Sew Lapels

A lined, tailored jacket is a big project, but it's such a great addition to your wardrobe. Plus, tackling it in sections and taking your time can make it much more manageable, starting with the lapel. Let's go over a few steps to help you learn how to sew a lapel for the perfect jacket! Read more »

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Picking Pockets for Your Sewn Garments

Yellow Dress with Inseam Pockets

Most of us love pockets for their functionality, and sometimes for their aesthetic appeal as well. There are two basic types of pockets for garments, with many variations within the two basic style: patch pockets and inside pockets. Let's take a look both of these and some of the variations for each.

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