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Lisa is the blogger behind craft blog Goodknits. She resides in Houston where her two young sons drive her passion for DIY. A double threat in knitting and crochet, she can often be found with yarn and various hooks & needles in her purse. After all, a skein of yarn is a great cushion for her beloved camera.
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Where to Find Inspiration for Your Knitting Designs

When it comes to creating new knitting patterns, one can find inspiration from a variety of sources. The world is vast and beautiful and you can find a plethora of inspiration for your knitting designs by simply looking around. Inspiration is everywhere! Maybe we can help you see the beauty in the mundane a little more easily. Read more »

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6 Knit Pillow Patterns Sure to Please

Don't you wish you could cover your house in yarn? Are your loved ones holding you back from making a house cozy? If so, start small with a pillow, or two or SIX. They won't notice the increase in yarn around your house, they'll just see the beautiful pillows. Jump-start your creativity with six of the best knit pillow patterns around. Read more »

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Knit With Feeling! 7 Beautifully Textured Patterns

One of the best reasons to knit your own clothes or accessories is texture! You can certainly play around with knitting texture by choosing different yarns, but if you want to take full advantage of your skills, why not play with the stitch pattern? The best part is a lot of textured patterns simply utilize basic knit and purl pattern repeats. Texture in knitting is a great subject to explore, even for beginners.

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