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Lisa is the blogger behind craft blog Goodknits. She resides in Houston where her two young sons drive her passion for DIY. A double threat in knitting and crochet, she can often be found with yarn and various hooks & needles in her purse. After all, a skein of yarn is a great cushion for her beloved camera.
Knitting edges you should know on the Craftsy Blog!

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Back to Basics: 5 Knitting Edges You Should Know

Though seemingly an obvious decision, your choice of edge stitch can really make your knit patterns pop. When working or designing garments or accessories, you should know your options. Read on as we examine five different types of edge techniques you should know and be familiar with in case find yourself in need of an alternative!

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Crocheted Cotton fiber

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Fiber Forever! A Discussion About the Fibers in Our Yarns

At the heart of both knitting and crocheting, there is fiber. Your projects are made entirely out of fibers, so it makes sense they are the most important aspect of your work. What makes certain fibers more appealing to work with than others? Is there a secret to choosing a yarn for certain knitting and crocheting projects? Let's examine some of the most prevalent fibers in commercially available yarns. Read more »