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Lindsay Conner is a writer, editor and quilter who rarely sews the same thing twice. She loves to design sewing patterns, dream up crafty business ideas and meet like-minded creators through her blogs Lindsay Sews and Craft Buds. A midwest native, Lindsay recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two loveable cats, Murph and Chloe.

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Quilting Feathers

Quilting FeathersIf you’ve ever been afraid to try quilting feathers, now is the time to give it a go! We’ve rounded up tips and tricks on the feather quilting pattern and variations you’ll love. Read more »

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Eye Candy: Unique Quilts

Unique QuiltsWhat most of us love about quilting is the uniqueness of each handmade project. No two quilters produce the same results, and each finished quilt holds a story in its fibers! Going beyond the expected, these unique quilts are truly remarkable in their innovation, from the process used in making the quilt to the attention-grabbing end project. Read more »

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Simple Quilting: Ideas for Easy Blocks

Simple QuiltingWhether you consider yourself a beginner or an advanced quilter, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a simple quilting project. For a quick baby shower gift or just a little therapeutic, relaxing quilting, simple quilts are ideal for their quick piecing and straightforward construction. Here are a few simple quilting designs you're going to love! Read more »

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On Point Quilting: Tips and Calculations

On Point QuiltingDon't shy away from on point quilting simply because you don’t like dealing with the calculations! Traditional quilt blocks like the basket block and bride's bouquet are designed to be set on point. In all actuality, on point quilting is not that different from quilting with traditional square blocks. Read more »