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Linda Reynolds learned to sew as a young girl and has been sewing ever since. Trained as a professional seamstress, she loves sharing her passion for the craft as a sewing instructor teaching garment sewing to teens and adults. Her blog, Simply Sewing Studio ( offers helpful tips and easy solutions to everyday sewing dilemmas.

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Sewing Machine Tips: A New Sewing Machine — Now What?

Is a new sewing machine on your sewing wishlist this Christmas? For many new or hopeful sewists, getting their first sewing machine is an exciting first step to learning how to sew. For experienced sewers, it may mean trading up to a machine with added features that can advance their skills. But, once the box has been opened, now what? Read more »

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How to Properly Use a Seam Ripper

The seam ripper is a must-have in every sewer's toolbox, whether brand new to the game or a veteran of the craft. All sewers make mistakes, and do-overs are a natural part of the sewing experience. Ripping out seams is a tedious task that can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. Read more »

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Sewing Perfect Collar Points

Collar Point of a Dress Shirt

If done poorly, collar points on a shirt or blouse are a dead giveaway that something is homemade. Learn how to sew perfect collar points and achieve professional-looking results with this step-by-step tutorial.

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Railroad Zippers Simplified

Railroad ZipperOf all the zippers that can be applied when you are sewing garments — invisible, lapped, exposed — the conventional zipper, aka the railroad zipper, is by far the most difficult of them all to insert. When it comes to inserting zippers, this particular zipper is far more difficult than the often feared invisible zipper. How is that possible? Read more »

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Adjusting Side Seams: The 3-Inch Rule

Pinned Side Seam on Cutting MatOne important fitting adjustment that affects all types of garment is the side seams. Adjusting side seams can sometimes be a guessing game, especially when doing them on ourselves, but they don't have to be. Implementing this simple 3-inch rule method makes the process an easy and effective way to fit ourselves as well as others. Read more »