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Linda Reynolds learned to sew as a young girl and has been sewing ever since. Trained as a professional seamstress, she loves sharing her passion for the craft as a sewing instructor teaching garment sewing to teens and adults. Her blog, Simply Sewing Studio ( offers helpful tips and easy solutions to everyday sewing dilemmas.
My Fit Diary : Making a Sewing Journal

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Create A Sewing Journal & Have a Personalized Pattern Resource

When was the last time you made a top or dress and found the neckline was much lower than the image on the pattern suggested? This is a frustrating dilemma that many sewers, including me, encounter from time to time. A better pattern fitting would have probably avoided the problem. But, there is another way to ensure you get the neckline you want every time: Create a fit diary or sewing journal to keep a record of your preferred styling standards and formulas. Read more »
Skirt body measurement 37" in between size 12 & 14

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Between Sizes? Use Finished Garment Measurements for a Perfect Fit!

Let’s not mince words here: Fitting is hard. Every effort should be made to adjust patterns to address figure issues well before the first pattern piece is cut. If you are in between sizes, learn to use the finished garment measurements that appear on the back of the pattern envelope to help you zero into the right size. But, the “finished garment measurement”, or FGM, can help in other ways towards getting you to the right fitting garment. Read more »

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Exposed Darts: The Latest Trend in Fashion

First it was the exposed zipper, now darts have come out from behind the scenes. Though not really a new trend, exposed darts have become an increasingly popular styling element in many dresses this season. If you're interested in exposing darts in your next project, here's what you need to know! Read more »
Making Gathered Curtains

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How to Make Gathered Curtains: Part 2

The gathered curtain is a simplest, yet amazingly versatile, curtain to make. It is appropriate for, literally, any room in your home and can be made with virtually any type of fabric. If you can sew a straight seam, you can sew a basic curtain. So, once you learn the tricks for gathering the curtains, sewing is a breeze! Follow along with part 2 as you learn how to sew the gathered curtain. Read more »
How to Make Gathered Curtains

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How to Make Gathered Curtains: Part 1

Let’s face it, custom-made curtains cost a boatload of money. If you are in the market for something elaborate with fancy jabots and swags, it’s probably money well spent. But, if you have your sights set on something much simpler, like gathered curtains, learn to make them yourself. If you can sew a straight seam, you can make curtains. Read more »
Shirred Skirt Tutorial on

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Short and Sweet: A Lovely Shirred Skirt Tutorial

Sewers, spring is arriving, and it's time to leave the heavy winter flannels behind to make room for projects with breezy, lightweight fabrics. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you in how to make a shirred skirt that's the perfect for transitioning your wardrobe welcoming the warmer weather. Read more »
Making a Muslin

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Pattern Fitting Tips: How to Transfer Pinned Fitting Adjustments

Achieving a superior fit to what’s available as ready-to-wear is one of the principle reasons people sew their own clothes. Fitting patterns is one of the most challenging aspects of sewing and as any experienced garment sewer knows, it is a process. It begins well before the first pattern piece is cut and continues throughout the entire garment construction process. Read more »

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Seam Techniques: How to Sew a Perfect a Cross Seam

Attention to the details when sewing, no matter how small, are what give a handmade project a professional, artfully crafted look. Perfectly sewn cross seams are one of those details that can really enhance a finished garment. Here's a quick and simple tutorial on how to perfectly line your intersecting seams every time. Read more »

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Save the Trip to the Store and Sew Your Own Wardrobe Instead

Collection of Basic Sewing Patterns

Next time you shop for clothes, take a close look at the items that draw your attention. I mean take a really close look at them. As sewers we take our inspiration from the clothes we see on the racks in stores, as well as from magazines, online and television. I know I do, and those bits of inspiration are typically what drive us to sew the garments we make.

Read more »