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Karen is a grammar enthusiast whose love of crafting came at an early age when her incredibly talented mom made her a princess dress that won the coveted "Prettiest Costume" prize in the big kindergarten Halloween parade. She holds a BA in English and an MS in Publishing. Outside of Craftsy, her passions include music, cooking, baking, reading, and traveling, and with Craftsy's help, she aspires to be a top-notch cake decorator in no time.


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Crafting is my therapy badge

Did you know clinical studies show that crafting can have real medical and cognitive benefits? In honor of National Craft Month, each week in March we're exploring the different ways being a maker can contribute to a person's overall health and wellness in our "Better Lives With Crafting" series. Want to let others know about the health benefits of crafting. Simply grab the code to your favorite badges here and proudly sport them on your own site!

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Art Blog

Censorship in Art: When Is it Appropriate?

Embracing Couple Censored

Is it ever appropriate to censor art? Craftsy recently posed this question to our Fine Art Facebook clubs, and received several impassioned responses. What people had to say about censorship in art might surprise you! Read prevailing opinions and share your thoughts!

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