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Julia finds fabric stores to be incredibly dangerous places for her wallet. She enjoys stitching up everything from dresses to potholders, usually with a little help from her two cats.

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Petite Sewing: Achieving a Perfect Fit

Petite SewingThe term “petite” usually refers to women 5’4” and shorter. Commercial patterns are sized to fit a 5’5” woman, so it’s no surprise that women who struggle to find clothing that fits properly in clothing stores will also struggle to identify clothing patterns that fit without making adjustments. Of course, if you are petite and have trouble getting great clothing in stores, sewing for yourself is a wonderful way to add properly fitting garments to your wardrobe! Read more »


How to Ruffle Fabric

How to Ruffle FabricRuffling fabric is a useful skill to master! You’re likely to come across it when sewing garments and it’s a technique you can use to add interest to your home decor projects. Ruffling fabric is actually very simple. In fact, it can be done in 4 easy steps! Read more »

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What’s Old is New Again: Sewing Vintage Patterns

Sewing Vintage PatternsSewing from vintage patterns is a fun way to expand your sewing repertoire while challenging yourself at the same time. Even if your style is more 2013 than 1953, vintage patterns are worth a look. Many have classic lines, and in a modern fabric you won’t look like an extra on Mad Men (unless you want to!). Read more »

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Sheer Genius: How to Sew Lining

How to Sew LiningLining will make a garment made of itchy fabric (like wool) more tolerable, hide unsightly seams (like on the inside of a jacket or on light colored fabric), provide additional warmth, and give a garment structure, shape and a better fit. Even if none of these reasons apply to your garment, adding a lining instantly kicks your garment up a notch for a couture effect! Read more »
Organizing Thread on Shelf

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Room to Sew: Organizing Your Sewing Room

Having a dedicated, organized and inspiring sewing room makes starting a sewing project much more fun. If your dining room table holds fabric and scissors more often than dinner plates and wine glasses, it might be time to think about finding a permanent spot to sew in your home. If you’re starting from scratch, here are a few things to consider when thinking about sewing room designs.

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