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Julia finds fabric stores to be incredibly dangerous places for her wallet. She enjoys stitching up everything from dresses to potholders, usually with a little help from her two cats.

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Sewing Sleeves with Ease

Sewing SleevesIf you’ve never sewn sleeves before (and even if you have), they can be intimidating. A poorly sewn sleeve can throw off an otherwise great garment. But sewing sleeves doesn’t have to be a headache. With a little patience and some practice, you can sew perfect sleeves. Learn about the two methods for sewing sleeves: flat versus set-in. Plus, get the tips you need to sew sleeves perfectly every time. Read more »
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How to Make a Mandarin Collar Tutorial

Mandarin CollarMandarin collars are band or stand-up collars. They make frequent appearances on traditional Asian garments, but they are a great design element and can be adapted for many different styles of clothing. Collars can really change the look of a garment, and it’s easy to learn how to make a Mandarin collar, so don’t be afraid to swap out a traditional shirt collar for a Mandarin collar to add some variation. Read more »

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Add Vintage Flair: Sewing Vintage Fabric Tips

Sewing Vintage Fabric TipsVintage fabric can add a lot of personality to your sewing projects. Plus, it’s fun to search for (and pretty much a guarantee no one can make a copy). Or maybe you really want to throw-back to particular decade and combine a vintage pattern with vintage fabric. Find four key sewing vintage fabric tips here! Read more »

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Sewing Repair Tips

Sewing Repair TipsNo matter how careful you are, losing a button or tearing a hole in your favorite pair of pants is a fact of life. Clothing repairs happen to the best of us, no matter if your wardrobe is handmade or bought off the rack at the mall. But a torn seam doesn’t mean your favorite pants are bound for the trash. Learn a few tips for making all of your clothing repairs quick and painless. Read more »

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Sewing Taffeta Tips

Sewing Taffeta TipsTaffeta is a luxurious fabric often used for formal wear and home decor, though it's prone to raveling and puckered seams. Learn a few easy tricks for working with this delicate fabric. Read more »