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Julia finds fabric stores to be incredibly dangerous places for her wallet. She enjoys stitching up everything from dresses to potholders, usually with a little help from her two cats.

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7 Super Helpful Garment Sewing Books

Garment Sewing BooksI love books, and sewing books are no exception. I love the inspiration packed into each book. Plus, it’s helpful to have a print reference to refer to for help when I’m struggling with a construction issue or can’t remember the specifics of a sewing technique. Here are a few garment sewing books I can't live without. Read more »

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In the Bag: Choosing Handbag Hardware

If you’ve ever admired a designer handbag, you know that it’s the small details that take a handbag from a mere accessory to a work of art. You can achieve the same attention to detail on a handbag you’ve made yourself, starting with choosing your handbag hardware. Read more »

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Sewing Trade Secrets: 7 Tips

Sewing Tips and Trade SecretsIt seems like the longer you sew, the more tricks you pick up along the way. I love that “Aha!” moment when I read or learn about a new approach to a sewing technique. Here are some of the sewing tips and trade secrets I've learned along the way. Read more »

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Small Stitches: Sewing for Children

Children's ClothesChildren are fun to sew for. Children's sewing patterns are cute and whimsical, and you can include fun details that might look out of place on an adult garment. But sewing for children also includes some unique challenges. Here are some tips for sewing children's clothing. Read more »