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Julia finds fabric stores to be incredibly dangerous places for her wallet. She enjoys stitching up everything from dresses to potholders, usually with a little help from her two cats.
sewing denim

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Tips and Tricks for Sewing with Denim

Denim is a versatile fabric and a wardrobe staple but working with it can be intimidating. Aside from making sure you have the proper needle in your sewing machine (denim won't hesitate to break a needle not up to the job!) and good quality thread, there are a few other tricks to make sewing denim headache-free.Don't skip the pre-wash. Pre-washing your fabric is especially important when working with denim because it will soften the fabric a bit, making it easier to work with. You might even want Read more »
hand smocking

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Hand Smocking Techniques

Smocking is an embroidery technique used to gather fabric. Although many embroidery techniques began purely for decorative purposes, hand smocking techniques were also practical- the gathered fabric is able to stretch, and smocking is commonly done on cuffs and necklines. These days you'll mostly find smocking on children's garments, but it also looks great on women's clothes and accessories, as well.Types of SmockingThere are two types of smocking: English and regular. English is marked on the wrong Read more »
pattern drafting

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DIY Pattern Drafting

Drafting sewing patterns, even if you are an experienced sewist, can seem like a mystery. While it certainly requires a bit of practice and skill, you can learn sewing pattern drafting without going back to school for a degree in fashion design.What is Pattern Drafting?If you are familiar with draping, where designs are created by draping, folding and pinning fabric on a dress form, drafting is different in that pattern pieces are drawn on paper according to body measurements. There are several different Read more »
altering patterns

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Altering Commercial Patterns

Commercial sewing patterns are the home sewists dream: readily available at big-box craft stores, extremely affordable when purchased on sale, hundreds of options in almost every conceivable silhouette. And if you happen to be sewing for a figure with measurements that match the pattern measurements, the situation is pretty much ideal!However, most people don't have measurements that match what the pattern companies use. Depending on the degree of alterations needed, home sewists have several options Read more »

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Secrets to Sewing a Beautiful Blouse

A pretty blouse is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially when the seasons are transitioning -- just add a cardigan if you get chilly. As an ode to this feminine and versatile garment, here are some of my tips for sewing a blouse and some fun techniques to try. Read more »

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Just Like Coco: Sewing a Classic Jacket

Classic Tweed Jacket on a Dress Form

The iconic Chanel couture jacket is proof that a classic jacket is a wardrobe staple. True, sewing a classic jacket can be a huge investment of your sewing time and energy, but it’s time well spent if you end up with a garment that you’ll wear for years. A truly classic jacket will have clean lines, understated design elements, and be expertly tailored so that it fits your body like a glove!

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