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Jeff is a nature, landscape and wildlife photographer based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. He specializes in creating compelling images of the natural world, captured in dramatic weather and light. Whether it's the first kiss of sunlight to hit the rugged granite of the seacoast, or atop a frigid, windswept mountain summit bathed in the pink warmth of alpenglow, through my images he wishes to share these fleeting, often magical moments. Primarily focusing on the "Granite State" of New Hampshire that he calls home, (with occasional forays into the surrounding New England states) if you explore his galleries, you'll find unique and compelling images that artistically showcase the region's scenic beauty.
Black bear and her cub — Tips for wildlife photography on the Bluprint Blog!

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Wildlife Photography Tips: How to Photograph Wildlife in Natural Light

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Right up there with nature and landscape photography, wildlife photography is one of the most popular forms of photography out there. It seems everybody wants to photograph cute and cuddly critters whether they're covered in feathers, fur, or dare I say it, scales. One of the best ways to capture these amazing creatures at their best is using natural light. Here are my tips + tricks for photographing wildlife in natural light for the ultimate outdoor images. Why Read more »
Uneven polarization on a wide scene — Tips for Using Filters on Bluprint!

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Landscape Photography: Using Filters

As a landscape photographer, getting it right in camera at the time of capture is extremely important to me. What's one easy way you can achieve this? Filters. Here is a list of the landscape photography filters I use along with a few tips, tricks, dos and don'ts to help you get the perfect shot with minimal editing.

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Bright red cardinal -- Bird Photography Tips on the Bluprint Blog!

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Photographing Birds: Tips for Capturing Our Fine Feathered Friends

Photographing birds is also a great way to try your hand at wildlife photography because while not everyone has deer, bears or moose in their area, there are very few places in the world that don't have birds. And with a little know-how you can learn to take photos that have the birds looking alive and engaging while in their natural habitat. Here are photography tips and tricks for taking stunning images of birds!

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