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Breeanna Sveum, also known as Brinn, is never more than 5 feet away from a ball of yarn. She dabbles in just about every craft that can be done in the home, the results of most of which can be found on her blog, Stitch Brinn Stitch. She lives in Northern Virginia with her partner and her copious yarn stash.
blue and green chain plied yarn

Spinning Blog

A Super Simple Chain Plying Tutorial

Chain plying is basically just making a large crochet chain and then adding twist. If you can already make a crochet chain, you can chain ply! If crochet is a foreign tongue, just follow this tutorial, and you'll be chain plying everything in sight in no time.

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Yellow cowl

Weaving Blog

How to Weave a Cowl Scarf: Free Tutorial

Let's face it: Cowls are where it's at. They're stylish, convenient, and warm--and there are no ends flapping around, getting in the way. If you've had enough of plain old scarves, follow this simple how-to to make a fashionable and practical cowl scarf. Read more »

Spinning Blog

How to Make Twisted Cord

Twisted cord is perfect for bag handles, button loops or anywhere else you might use a knitted I-cord. The traditional method of making twisted cord involves looping some yarn over a doorknob and a lot of tedious hand twisting. Bah to that, I say. If you've got a spinning wheel or a spindle, you can churn out twisted cord in a fraction of the time.

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Blue weaving with needle for hem stitch

Weaving Blog

How to Hem Stitch for Weaving

When you want a smooth, sturdy finish for your weaving, hem stitching is the way to go. Hem stitching is flat, looks nice and holds everything in place so you can trim your fringe as short as you'd like. Here's how it's done. Read more »