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Ashley is a writer and editor who left her job at Martha Stewart to freelance in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. She has her hands in all kinds of crafts, from knitting to crocheting and sewing. When she's not crafting, she's eating peanut butter, listening to Paul McCartney, and playing ukulele -- sometimes all three at the same time. You can see what Ashley is making on her blog, The Feisty Redhead.

Knitting Blog

Knitting Fundamentals: Get Started or Brush Up

For a beginner, knitting can be daunting and scary. There’s more than one way to cast on, there are hundreds of weird tools (I’m looking at you, cable needle!), and staring at how-to instructions for hours can give you a headache. But you don’t have to master intarsia on your first day of knitting. Take it slow, and learn the fundamentals to get started with minimal stress. Whether you’re brand new to knitting or just need a little refresher, having these skills in your back pocket will help you tackle nearly any basic knitting pattern. Read more »

Knitting Blog

Twists and Turns of Aran Sweater Design

Aran SweaterSo many techniques and other knitting terms are named after specific geographical areas, like Bohus knitting, Icelandic knitting, Fair Isle sweaters -- the list goes on and on. Aran sweaters are no exception. Navigate the gorgeous knots and cables that make up Aran sweaters with these patterns. Read more »

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Colorful Fair Isle Knitting

Fair Isle KnittingFair Isle knitting is when you use two or more colors of yarn in the same row to make a pattern. It’s a little more challenging than say, intarsia, because you’re picking up and dropping the different strands of yarn more frequently. But it can create a lot of gorgeous patterns and bring color into your knitting like no other technique. Add more color to your knits by trying out some of these Fair Isle patterns. Read more »

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One-Day Knitting Projects

One Day Knitting ProjectsSometimes you want instant gratification from a knitting project -- and sometimes you wait until the last minute to start knitting a gift for a friend or family member and need it finished ASAP. (Oops!) Knitting a project in one day isn’t impossible, as long as you’re not trying to knit up an entire sweater or other large item. Try these one-day projects and you’ll be finished before bedtime. Read more »

Crocheting Blog

Broomstick Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Broomstick Crochet BraceletLast week, I showed you how to crochet your own broomstick lace. You’re probably in love with the look, but if you’re like me, you don’t know exactly what to make with it. Get ready to accessorize with these broomstick crochet bracelet patterns! Read more »

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Tips for Unfussy Stranded Knitting

Stranded Knitting TipsLike most knitters, I learned the tricks to stranded knitting the hard way. Many sweaters were knitted and ripped out, knitted and ripped out, until I figured out my own strategies for perfecting it. And actually, I still don’t feel that I’ve perfected it! Are you ready to try stranded knitting? Get tips from these experts to avoid a few common beginner mistakes. Read more »