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Antonella is a fashion designer and freelance illustrator, with a soft spot for art history. She spends her days juggling her three passions: drawing, sewing and drafting patterns, while sharing her creations on her blog Stardust Soul at
Sunflowers watercolor painting

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Improve Your Painting: 3 Tips For Capturing Shadows in Painting

Being able to paint light and shadow can breathe fresh new life into your paintings. The way these two elements interact in real life is nothing short of fascinating, just ask the impressionists! Their whole movement and passion revolved around capturing the beauty of light. Check out tips to help you recreate this same energy in your own paintings! Read more »
Color intensity scale between blue and orange

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The World of Watercolor: Color Intensity in Art

No one wants a dull painting, but don't underestimate the great power of mixing muted and dull colors. These seemingly boring tones will help your paintings reach a whole new level of depth and realism. Having an understand of color intensity in art is an important skill. Here's an overview on color intensity to help you create beautiful, realistic watercolor paintings. Read more »

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The World of Watercolor: Color Temperature in Art

Color temperature refers to the level of warmth contained within any certain color. The way we classify colors based on this property is either as warm or cool. The very basics of this type of classification are very straightforward and in tune with the way we usually perceive colors in the real world, and what we associate them with. Read on to discover more about using color temperature in art! Read more »