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Angela Mitchell shares her home with her husband and children, and together they run a small hobby farm. Once an elementary school teacher, she currently spends her days at home with her three kids. Angela is a self taught crafter who has been sewing and playing with yarn for most of her life. She has been a contributing author for several sewing books and is more than happy to share her quilting knowledge here on the lovely Craftsy blog.
trapunto example

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Trapunto: Make Your Quilt Pop

Trapunto quilting is a technique used to add another dimension to a quilt. Puffy, raised areas of quilting add a unique texture to a flat piece of art. Italian for embroider, this is also known as the "stuffing technique" because specific parts of the quilt are filled. Interestingly, this method of quilting has been around since the 14th century! Trapunto quilting can be done by hand or by machine. What makes it so special is that trapunto really creates an elegant, sophisticated look. The specific Read more »
prairie points

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Exploring Prairie Points Quilting Techniques

Prairie points are folded pieces of fabric that embellish a quilt. Although they have been discovered on quilts dated back to the 1800's, they weren't actually called "prairie points" until the mid 1900's. These folded triangles come in all sizes! Traditionally prairie points can be found framing the edge of the quilt. Some quilters like to call them a variation of a traditional quilt binding; they can be used in addition to a regular binding or as a replacement. Prairie points can also be used within Read more »

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Beautiful Medallion Quilt Designs and Patterns That Inspire

Some quilts are simply unforgettable. They catch your eye — you just can't stop looking at them. Have you come across a this kind of quilt, a true work of art? A perfect example of this is a medallion quilt. But why make a medallion quilt when they sound like so much work? Here are a few reasons why so many quilters like to tackle this kind of project.

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Charming Bow Tie Quilts & A Free Quilt Block Tutorial!

The bow tie quilt pattern is a traditional design that continues to be incredibly popular in today’s world of quilting. Plus, the bow tie block shines in all sorts of fabric, from vintage to modern. Here's a free bow tie block quilt tutorial plus some pattern inspiration to get you started making projects with this charming design! Read more »

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Quintessential Quilting Projects: 7 Quilted Tote Bag Patterns You’ll Love!

Now that the weather is finally warming, it is time to start sewing for summer: lightweight quilts, summer tops and bags! Today, let's take a look at quilted totes! These bags are so handy and can be used in a variety of ways all summer long, whether its packing for a picnic, toting them to the beach or using one to haul goodies home from the farmer's market. Not only are they, these quilted tote bag patterns are so much fun to sew! Read more »