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Andrea is a yarn crazy knitter and knitwear designer who spends more time knitting than cleaning her house. When she's not knitting, she's thinking about knitting, or working at her other job as a kindergarten teacher. She lives in Ohio with her husband and son, and two darling dogs.You can find her patterns here on Craftsy and read more about her life, crafting, and other daily musing on her blog Life on Laffer (

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Crochet Thursday: Loop Stitch Tutorial

Crochet Loop StitchThe crochet loop stitch is a fun, decorative stitch that can be used to add beautiful detail to any crochet project. It looks difficult, but really it's just adding one extra step to regular ol' single crochet. Learn how to crochet the loop stitch with this easy step-by-step photo tutorial! Read more »

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Crochet Thursday: Crocheted Hat Tutorial

Crocheted HatA lot of people claim that crocheting is faster than knitting, and I tend to agree with them. So now that all of a sudden there's a bit of a fall nip in the air, I figured a quick crocheted hat for my 1-year-old son was in order. This pattern for a quick and cozy crocheted hat is really more of a recipe. You can use it with any weight of yarn you like (just choose a hook suitable for the weight chosen), and for any sized head. Read more »

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Early Fall Knitting: 6 Stylish Patterns

Cowl Knitting PatternIt doesn't take much change in the weather for knitters to get that seasonal knitting itch. Fall knitting is something we plan for all year long! We begin to think about which sweater we will wear on that first crisp morning and which scarf or shawl will keep us warm on a blustery evening. Well knitters, get your yarn and needles ready and check out these fabulous patterns perfect for your fall knitting. Read more »

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How to Join Granny Squares

Joined Granny SquaresThere's nothing better than using up odds and ends of yarn with crocheted granny squares. Along with the many possibilities in color combinations and arrangements, you can make almost anything out of granny squares. There are several ways to join them together. Here, I will cover two joining methods. Read more »