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Amy Latta, aka One Artsy Mama, is passionate about inspiring her online community by sharing honest inspiration for everyday life. On her blog, you can find craft and home decor projects that are Honestly Doable, kids' projects that are Honestly Teachable, style tips and DIY jewelry that are Honestly Wearable, and much more! Amy is happiest when crafting, and when she's not covered in paint, you can find her working on professional design collaborations. Among other things, she is a perfectionist, a recovering English teacher, a ballroom dancer, and a Starbucks addict.

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3 Steps to Make a DIY Locket

Just because a locket is easy to make doesn't mean it's any less special. In fact, using a favorite piece of art, a special design or a cherished photo makes this simple project one of the most heartfelt.

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