Free Pattern Friday: Planning The Great Escape

Vacations are the best, especially when done in style! From organizing your ear buds to taking the perfect sunset photo, make the most of your travels with a few free projects. Check out these 8 travel patterns you can make before jet-setting (or driving) to your next adventure!

quilted Ipad cover pattern

Quilted iPad case

Keep your tablet safe and secure with this designer-quality quilted case. The pattern is beginner friendly and can be adapted to fit a Kindle or laptop.

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crayon organizer

2. Crayon roll-up

Crayons are always at hand (and hopefully not melted on the seat) with this quick and easy roll-up holder. Make it a little larger to accommodate markers and colored pencils.

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knit earbud pouches

3. Earbud pouch

Are your ear buds a tangled mess? This pouch will make cords easy to manage and keep them from wrapping around everything else in your bag!

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crocheted travel size makeup bags

4. Travel size make-up bag

Basic crochet makes quick work of this make-up bag. It’s the perfect size for your purse, tote or carry-on and can be made in any color!

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embroidered luggage tags

5. Embroidered luggage tags

Find your suitcase easily with these hand-embroidered tags. They’ll make your luggage stand out for smooth grab-and-go retrieval.

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nautical flags and pennants

6. Nautical flags and pennants

Taking a cruise? Dress up your ensemble! This pattern features 36 square nautical flags and 10 oblong triangular nautical pennants.

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mini photo book

7. 10-Minute mini book

Transform a half sheet of scrapbook paper into a cute four-page mini-book. Make a brag book of family photos or a travel memento with photos from your trip.

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vacation photography sunset

8. 5 Ways to rock vacation photos

Learn how to take fabulous vacation photos, with tips on what gear to pack, proper cropping techniques and the best time of day for photography.

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Patricia Belgrove

Thank you, great quick projects.


thank you!

Anne n Quails

Thank you for some great projects with the special bonus that they are free. Also wonderful way to introduce us to the new and previous related classes you have on the various topics.
Very slow on an iPad II but worth the wait.


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