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Team Up With Craftsy Instructors to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Last year, nearly 16 million people in the United States cared for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. To honor and support these caregivers and the people facing these diseases, a group of our instructors, members and employees are teaming up with The Alzheimer’s Association for their Summer Solstice event, The Longest Day. With the event right around the corner on June 20, it’s the perfect time to get involved.

Group of Knitters

About the event

The Longest Day is a sunrise-to-sunset event where teams take part in an activity of their choosing to honor those facing Alzheimer’s Disease. Longest Day teams raise money to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association’s research, care and advocacy programs while creating greater awareness around an issue that affects all of us.

You can participate no matter where you live — having team members across the country or the globe only makes the team stronger! And, you can pledge to take part in your activity for whatever amount of time works for you.

Bluprint Knitting Circle

How to get involved

There are three ways to get involved:

1) Support the Bluprint Instructors team

Our goal is to raise $3,200 for The Alzheimer’s Association. We’ve started off the fundraising with a $1,600 donation, and we need your help to make it to our goal! Click here to go to the Bluprint Instructor Group page for The Longest Day, and then click the yellow Donate button to contribute.

2) Start your own team!

Creating your own team for The Longest Day is simple. First, gather a team of friends and agree on a group activity. If you’re part of a stitching group or another crafting club, this is a great activity for your next get together. Then, ask your friends and family to support you in reaching your fundraising goal before The Longest Day.

3) Find a team to join

If you’re passionate about supporting the Alzheimer’s Association but don’t want to start your own team, you can join a team created by someone else, anywhere in the world. On this page, you can search for teams based on location or activity — we’ll bet you can find a group for your favorite craft!

If you participate, we want to hear about it! Don’t forget to share moments from your Longest Day experience with #BluprintCares.


Sherry Sharp

After an almost ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s Disease, my husband passed away two years ago on June 24, 2014, at the young age of 67 years old. While I do personally support the AA, would you please also consider Cure Alzheimer’s Fund whose focus is only on continued research? I am a board member since my husband’s death and the work being done is amazing beginning with the discovery of growing Alzheimer’s in a dish which can be seen on the website, CAF has been researching AD for twelve years in collaboration around the world with the brightest minds in science. 100% of every penny donated goes toward research as all administrative costs are incurred by the board members.

As a very active participant on Craftsy, I thank you for all of the wonderful classes and for taking the time to read my post.


Thank you so much for this post. I also thank you for your efforts on the Cure Alzheimers board. My grandmother died of Alzheimers about 10 years ago. As you know yourself this disease has a huge impact on the families of the person suffering.


I cared for my Mother who had Alzheimers for nine years…God bless you for all you do…I am a faithful Craftsy member….

Yvonne soffer

I belong to a group of knitters , i wish I can help since I worked work in a retirement facility as a nurse and I know the suffering ….
I have to talk to my ladies and hope they agree , I can’t do it alone
I have a very low income
I let you know


I live with my mother and father.
having a active family can help to your healthcare ,I think.

Sara Alicea

I’m so happy so many person =cares for the Alzheimer’s, I have early Alzheimer’s that’s why I purchase the classes to see if they could help me a little active, even though I struggle to accomplish. Only could purchase when on special since my income with my Alzheimer’s medication is limited. Thanks to all, maybe one day would be a cure! I have faith & I’m positive. .

Alzheimer's Association

Thank you for sharing your story and supporting the fight to end Alzheimer’s, Sara! We hope you take advantage of our resources on our website ( and connect with your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter ( You are not alone in facing this disease.

Melanie P. Fogelbach De Hamilton

Sherry Sharp: First of all, my condolences (I know you lost your husband two years ago, but I just read here about your loss.) Secondly, I know Israel scientists have a cure for Alzheimer’s already; would it not be best to use the money to bring the medication to the USA instead of investing money on research? Israel is ahead and I am sure you can help. Thirdly, I commend you, and all the members of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund for working on such noble and altruist endeavor.


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