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Teachers Thank You for Helping Craftsy Give to DonorsChoose

As summer winds down and kids prepare to head back to school, we wanted to take a moment to not only share our thanks, but that of teachers from classrooms across the U.S. whose craft-focused projects you helped fund through DonorsChoose!

Classroom of Kids Forming "Thank You" with Different Letters on Paper

As you may remember, for Bluprint’s Free Class Day back in May you helped spread the word to reach our goal of 10,000 new Bluprint students enrolled in a class, allowing us to make a $5,000 donation to fund school projects to help give kids opportunities and supplies to enrich their learning through crafts.

As part of #Craft2School week, we wanted to pass along these teachers’ thanks!

1. Artists on the Go!

Ms. Cehelsky’s supplies project at Highland Elementary School in Abington, PA

Many thanks for funding my future project with my new class of first grade students that I will be meeting this coming September! First graders exhibit a natural eagerness and zeal for learning. As we know, there are a multitude of ways to acquire and transfer knowledge. Our curriculum is demanding and rigorous. I administer a variety of assessments and students are also required to complete a plethora of workbook pages. My hope is to afford my children another avenue to discover, express, and experience knowledge beyond this traditional manner. I strongly believe that I can connect our communication arts curriculum through artistic and creative channels. My intent is to be able to diversify their learning, tap into their individual and unique styles and continue to maintain their enthusiasm and love of learning. Our funding for art supplies is limited. Through the assortment of arts and crafts supplies, I feel I will be able to keep learning authentic, meaningful and keep each student engaged.
With gratitude,
Ms. C

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2. Discovering Form: 3D Yarn Sculptures

Ms. Margrave’s supplies project at Forsyth Woods Elementary Sch in Orlando, FL

I want to personally thank you for deciding to fund this project for my students. Knowing that I will have the opportunity to teach my students to use fiber in such a unique way next year is so exciting! This hands-on method will be a great way for students to gain a deep understanding of what form means, and what it means for something to enclose space. In addition, they will leave the lesson with a beautiful sculpture that will surely be saved for years to come! Your generosity is going to help many young people get excited and motivated to create art. Thank you so much!
With gratitude,
Ms. M

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3. Cooks Needing a Kitchen

Mr. Thompson’s supplies project at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, KS

I can’t begin to express my excitement and thanks for the assistance that you have given us. The tools which you have funded will allow the students to expand their imaginations and open up a whole new set of options for them. With the the tools which you have funded the students will be able to truly fine tune their recipes and make small but accurate adjustments to many of their projects, as well as provide a more exact realization of exactly how the ingredients affect their food. I really can’t wait to get back in the classroom and get started.
With gratitude,
Mr. T

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4. Culinary Class Waiting To Mix Things Up!

Ms. Kelley’s supplies project at Northridge High School in Greeley, CO

WOW! Thank you so much! I can not wait to see the looks on my student’s faces next school year when they hear we will be getting a new mixer! So many of my students want to go into the culinary industry but with limited funds, it is difficult to buy supplies and equipment that will prepare them for culinary school. This mixer will make a huge difference in my ability to prepare my students for their future careers! Thank you so much for your generous donation to my classroom!
With gratitude,
Ms. K

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5. Math in Our Town: A Multicultural Perspective

Mrs. Jones-Green’s supplies project at Warren Co Middle School in Warrenton, NC

Thank you so much for your generous donations to fund my classroom project ideas. I am very excited about having the materials to make math learning fun and innovative. With the Common Core Math, teachers are expected to incorporate real-world applications, and your generosity makes it possible for me to achieve this expectation. I cannot wait to receive and use the requested materials! Again, thank you for choosing to fund this project for my math class.
With gratitude,
Mrs. J

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6. Learning To Sew

Mrs. Barteldt’s supplies project at Copiague Middle School in Copiague, NY

Thank you tremendously for funding this project in full. My students and I need these supplies to make original creations while mastering practical skills for life. I cannot express my gratitude, as this was a large and unexpected donation. My students look forward to the sewing unit and now I can provide them with something they don’t usually have: choice! Choice of colors will add to our learning environment. Thank you for seeing the value in these supplies and giving my students CHOICE!!
With gratitude,
Mrs. B

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7. This Project is Sew Right!

Mrs. Grapel’s supplies project at Grass Valley Charter School in Grass Valley, CA

Thank you so much for your donation to fund my project, “This Project is Sew Right!” I am overwhelmed by your generosity that supports the continued growth of our students, both by acquiring or honing a skill and through the perseverance needed to work through the creative process. What a spark! How am I going to be able wait all summer to share your gift with our students, not only the great addition to our program, but your tremendous generosity? New doors will open for them as they expand their capabilities with our new tool. In addition, I can’t wait to show you pictures of their beaming faces and amazing products. We have three more wall sculptures for our new site that to will be made during an Intensive Week the end of October and, also, costumes for at least two performances. The photos will certainly show their joy, as well as pride in a job well done. Thanks again for your generosity. My wheels are turning, imagining project after project that are made possible through your gift.
With gratitude,
Mrs. G

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8. Measure Twice before Cutting

Mrs. Simanis-Laimins’s supplies project at Lane Technical College Prep Hs in Chicago, IL

Thank you very, very much for donating towards the measuring supplies for next year’s Fiber, Fabric & Fashion class. I am looking forward to putting the supplies of cutting mats and tape measures to use in a wide variety of ways. I will post some photos of projects we create in the fall when we return to school. For now- it is good to know that we will be able to begin the school year with what I would call- “the basics”. I will be sure to share your love of quilting, crafting and other fiber arts with the 120! students already signed up for this class. Your generosity is really beyond measure! Sincere thanks for your donation!
With gratitude,
Mrs. S

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9. Creating Diverse Leaders One Patch Block At A Time!

Mrs. King’s supplies project at Hutchison Beach Elem School in P C Beach, FL

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your donation to our classroom project! When I got the email stating that our project had been funded tears rolled from my eyes! I was in shock! I am so excited and thankful that you share the same vision towards education as I do. The materials you have funded for our classroom are going to be vital to the successful implementation of Leader in Me: 7 Habits. Our classroom will be at the forefront of the implementation, I can’t wait to share the books with fellow colleagues. The paint and quilt materials will give my students the opportunity to let their imaginations soar! They will have the chance to get to know one another via a creative avenue! We are very fortunate that you have given us this opportunity! Thank you so much! We are forever grateful for your kind hearts and donation!
With gratitude,
Mrs. K

Learn more about Mrs. King’s project 

10. Loop Yourself Into Serenity: Crochet!

Ms. Donner’s supplies project at 92nd Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA

You filled my heart with joy. I opened my e-mail and saw that my project had been funded. Thank you! In my inner city elementary school it is key to keep my 11 year old students engaged in creative and self empowering projects. I plan to open an after school crochet-club for my girls and boys. I will encourage them to work on their projects at recess, lunch and at home. It will help them to keep a serene, creative and community building attitude. Looping ourselves to serenity with “crochet”; that is our goal! Thank you again!
With gratitude,
Ms. D

Learn more about Ms. D’s project 

11. Art and Collaboration in Kindergarten!

Mrs. Hapli’s supplies project at Literacy Leadership Tech Acad in Tampa, FL

We are so grateful that you have provided us with a unique learning and creative opportunity. So often, the arts are lost in the classroom, and the ones that remain are limited in scope. With this loom, my students will experience the joy of creating something unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Not only will they learn about creating works of art, they’ll learn how to do so collaboratively, which will help them learn how to communicate and share ideas and how to listen to the ideas of others. It’s so important that they have a variety of ways in which to learn how to value the perspective of others, and you’ve help us provide another fun way to practice this skill. Thank you so much!
With gratitude,
Mrs. H

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So thank you from all of us here at Bluprint and all of the children whose lives you’ve enriched with creativity!

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