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6 Gold-Medal Worthy Olympics Themed Cakes

Let the games begin! With the Winter Olympics on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to make a gold medal-worthy cake.

In celebration of the upcoming games, we’ve assembled a collection of some seriously impressive Olympic-themed cakes made by decorators like you. From elegant fondant-topped cakes and toppers to dazzling gold leaf mini cakes and more, there’s something here for every cake decorator.

1. Olympic rings fondant topper

Olympic cake

Photo via Bird’s Party

This simple yet elegant cake is covered in white fondant, which gives it a simple, modern look and acts as a clean canvas. It’s the fondant topper we love most!

The Olympic rings were cut out using circle cutters and arranged on a fondant base. Then, the topper was mounted on gold cupcake liners, which make the whole topper look like a winning medal. A ribbon wrapped around the base of the cake rounds out the design perfectly.

2. Olympic medal cupcakes

Olympic medal cupcakes

Photo via The Chic Site

These cupcakes are as clever as they are sweet. These creative concoctions start with a simple recipe for cookie-and-cream cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make your own medal toppers made from candy, chocolate coins, and colored-in adhesive hole punch reinforcements (yes, like the kind you used in school).

3. Olympic torch cupcake cones

Instead of highlighting the Olympic rings, try creating another icon of the games: the Olympic torch!

These torches use cupcakes baked in ice cream cones as the base. They’re then topped with a fiery buttercream tinted with a gradient of red, yellow, and orange food coloring. Each finished cake is finished with a chocolate coin.

4. Mini gold medal cakes

Mini gold medal cakes

Photo via Pizzazzerie

Go for the gold with these stunning mini cakes! While they’ve got plenty of bling factor, they’re actually quite easy to make.

In the tutorial, you’ll learn how to shape small portions of pound cake, then cover them with fondant and edible gold leaf. With a red, white and blue ribbon as the finishing touch, these gold medal cakes are bound to impress. 

5. Simple Olympics sheet cake 

Olympics sheet cake

Photo via Jive

As this cake proves, a simple vanilla sheet cake can easily be transformed into the perfect Olympic viewing party dessert!

Want to recreate this magic at home? You can replicate this lovely cake by decorating a simple sheet cake with vanilla buttercream and piping the edges. Then, top it with international flags and Olympic ring cutouts for a crowd-pleasing treat. 

6. Olympic doughnuts

Olympic ring donuts 

Photo via The Food Librarian 

If you prefer your cake in doughnut form, consider making Olympic ring donuts! According to The Food Librarian, it’s as simple as making a batch of donuts (either baked or fried) and topping them with tinted glazes so that they can be arranged side by side to resemble Olympic rings. They’re simple but extremely satisfying. 


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I thought there were 6?

Alice E.

The olympic flag has a white background ,with five interlaced rings in the center blue,yellow,black,green and red.according to wikipedia.


No, the five represent the five inhabited continents.

Sandra Patterson

The flag of every country in the world has at least one of the five colors of the rings one the Olympic flag.


It’s five rings for the five parts of the world “won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition,” blue for Europe, black for Africa, red for the Americas, yellow for Asia, and green for Oceania.

There are six inhabited continents. ;o)


I meant 6 different desserts…


But I see them now. They didn’t come up before.


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