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Love to Laugh? These Memes Are for You, Moms

In case you haven’t noticed, our month-long celebration of moms is officially in full force! Today, however, we’re taking a break from tugging at your heartstrings, and giving your funny bone a run for its money with a compilation of mom-centric memes that definitely speak for themselves. So let’s get right to it!

Scroll down and enjoy a belly laugh or two.

And don’t forget to sound off in the comments if you, or a fellow mom can relate!

Clean House Quilting Grandma Fabric TruckFabric Scissors   Keep Knitting  Dream Vacation Making Time to Knit

No One Makes It Like a Mother

Nothing would be as sweet if it weren’t for moms. We’re celebrating the women in our lives and the magic they make all month long. Click the photo below for more heartwarming stories.

Make it Like a Mother



I just sent this to my mom and sister. All three of us quilt, but my sister is the one with children. If I may ask, do you think you could include a meme involving a cat? One of my cats insists she remain in my sewing room while I’m in there. She’s gotta keep an eye on me and prevent quilts from running away.

Bev Hiler

Thank you all for the smiles you sent out today. What a great way to start the day. (:

Janet Holland

Fabric truck? I can relate!


I had to laugh out loud on this one. I so want to order fabric every day but of course can not!


I love these. They are so cute and funny. Thanks for the laugh.


…or don’t use my fabric sissor to cut wire… real story. My beloved husband thought I would never notice.


Been there with a friend’s husband. I got up to go to the loo. While I was gone, he took my EMBROIDERY scissors and was pruning a house plant with them. I shrieked like a banshee. He looked up. ” My best German-made embroidery scissors!!! How could you?!?!??” “Why? What’s wrong with trimming my plants? They’re just scissors.” “Just scissors?!? They cost $25. {This was in 1977.}. You just bought me a new pair.” And I made him pay for them. They’re so fine I can cut a single thread of the finest fabric you’ve ever seen.

Linda L.

… and he’s still your “beloved husband”? Wow – you sure have a forgiving nature!! 😉

Virginia Marien

Thank you for keeping us smiling. I love these.


Thanks for sharing these. My favorite is “if I clean the house….”
Today is Monday, I finished a lap quilt last Friday and I’m not able to start another until the “fabric truck” gets here tomorrow.
The housework was being neglected due to my quilting projects, so took the 3 days to catch up.
I am now ready for the fabric truck. I will be like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa.


I love reading funny memes and these mom-memes are great. The one about the scissors was the best. With 2 sons and a husband, you would not believe the scissors I had get ruined.

Marian Shipley

My early sewing table had 4 narrow draws that LOCKED. My scissors were safe for some of the time. By the time I was paying big money for scissors, the children were mostly out of the house and I had a dedicated sewing studio.



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