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The Makers of Craftsy: Meet Cari

Crafting can enter our lives when we need it most. For one knitter who found herself watching four kids alone during the day, knitting provided much-needed stress relief and a creative haven.

Meet Cari — a member of our customer support team with a love for hand-knit accessories who will always loan you an extra pair of knitting needles. When her husband lost his job 10 years ago, she found herself a bit overwhelmed. Browsing the children’s section of the library with her kids one day, she came across kids’ beginner knitting books. She recalled hearing that knitting was a great stress reliever, so she scooped up some books and taught herself to stitch.

new maker of Bluprint, Cari

Like many knitters, her favorite workspace is the couch, where she has a front-row seat to the action in her house. She loves being able to pick up my knitting right in the middle of all of the chaos a large family brings.

Cari has come a long way from the library’s children’s knitting section, and she uses knitting as a social connection between friends. This past January, her two best friends joined her on a trip to Portland, Oregon. Despite the terrible weather, they found themselves having the best time, sharing yummy food, great drinks and of course, scouting out local yarn and fabric stores. We can relate to hunting for local gems every chance we get!

Every knitter has her quirks, and Cari is no exception. “I drive my family crazy when I start counting really loudly if anyone tries to talk to me while I’m counting stitches,” she laughs.

makers of craftsy- Cari

Like many moms in the crafting world, creating has become a family affair for Cari. She has taught three of her four kids how to knit, including her two boys. Sure, it didn’t exactly “take” for any of them, but Cari’s fine with that, as it’s helped foster their creativity in other ways. Cari reflects, “what I’ve realized is that by making crafting a priority, it has rubbed off on all of them, and they’ve all found their own creative outlets. The best part is that they’re not afraid to try doing things themselves.”

Is crafting a great stress-reliever for you? Share in our comments below! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @BeBluprint to read more about our makers.


Margaret-Rose Stringer

Well, as I find all Craftsy CS folk to be absolutely lovely, and as I also start counting VERY LOUDLY if someone interrupts me, I can only send Cari a big hug …

Robin Popham

Does she have a beginner Knitting class. I’ve tried for years to learn and even tried a class at Michaels but just didn’t get it. I can crochet, but I really want to learn to Knit. Thank you.

Carolyn Wainscott

Yes, crafting helps me through situations. We have just found that my great, granddaughter, Charlotte has leukemia and I have some yarn and hooks ready to keep my hands busy crocheting in the many hours we will be there. There is always a need for baby hats and blankets for the little residents in Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.

Nancy MacIntosh

I am a quilter and putting binding on by hand with tiny stitches is a comfort. I do needlepoint as well and dug out a canvas from Australia and ‘watch’ reruns of programs on YouTube and do the regular, repeatable stitching. I knit too so soon it will be sock weather. Stitching, thread becoming a sock and needles clicking is a natural tranquilizer. It is all relaxing and you have something to show for your time.


me too … I go to you tube university every day, its such a joy along with my craftsy classes; however I find the craftsy software to be really clumsy and in need of updating. Wish they would ask people for software issues and get to work on it. I have written several emails re this. Like no dates on the comments, inability to access things when you view in full screen, and lots more issues. Hard to find comments and check new ones without going back to the beginning, since they organize by the video location.

Judy Fine

The personal glimpses of the good folks behind craftsy certainly underscores your theme of the crafting community. I really enjoy reading about the craftsy staff. Thank you Craftsy for all you do.

Marion (ladymax)

I cannot tell the number of times my voice counting stitched blocked out someone trying to ask me a question.

Patti Stanczyc

Oh my, Cari, you cracked me up when you said you count really loud when someone is trying to talk to you while you are counting your stitches. I do the same thing! Funny thing is though, it never stops them from talking to me. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Compeau

Yes, knitting is a great stress reliever for me too! I am a teacher and found myself with a back injury last year. It was probably caused by tight muscles and “locking up” then moving in the wrong way. This summer, as I was healing, I picked up my knitting and “voila,”–found I could relax a little and get caught up in the concentration of the craft. My afghan is almost complete. Even though school is starting again, and that means many long hours, I plan to find another project I can pick up when I need to refocus.


I use to sew all if my clothes in high school, over the years I put sewing aside until a friend taught me how to hand quilt. Now I Am using my machine and have made a sewing room. I love to go down and sew when the stresses of life seem too much. I am a knitter and crocheted also but sewing has changed my life again!

Nancy Bonnette

I have always had a difficult time with knitting being aable to recognize stitches telling front from back now I know to mark the front!! lol
anyway I just got a yarn bowl to hold my yarn so it doesn’t go all over the floor and when I tol my oldest he said oh you don’t have kids to chase and get the yarn for you anymore.!!! lol
All the kids love that I crochet and make items for the family.

Good luck

Alice Blenman

I’m not a proficient knitter; but I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of knitting four sweaters when I first learned to knit. Also, I’ve found it is very relaxing to do any form of crafting that you love. I love to crochet. I learned to crochet many, many years ago when there was Home Economics in the schools (I hear it is back in some schools).
In the world we’re in, especially in the USA, where you are taught to learn only one skill as your means of of earning a living, we lose our ability to foster creativity. So I believe if you possess any form of creativity, it can help you see there is more to life than doing something for the sake of earning a living. If you can use it to earn a living, Great! If you can’t, it definitely can help to release some of the pressures of daily life.
At least you can see the results of your hard work. And that’s a great sense of accomplishment to me!

Jean Blake

It can be a source of peace until I make a mistake. It will almost always be at a place where I’m stitching two stitches together. It will be where I’ve done repetitive rows. Then the nerves kick in. There goes peace out the door lol

gwen galster

I also learned to quilt and knit using children’s instructional books!!! I’m SO relieved to find out I’m not alone!! I have since moved on to amazing video classes. I do often return to those kid’s books for reminders. They are just so uncomplicated, straight forward and provide easy projects to encourage success. My quilting stand by is Kids Start Quilting by Alex Anderson. I just learned knitting with Let’s Knit published by DKBooks.
Embarrassed No More!!


Oh my gosh Cari, I thought you were talking about me when you said you count your stitches really loudly when someone is talking to you whilst you are counting. I do that too! Perhaps that is a built in mechanism for us knitters and crocheters alike? Yes, I do find it a great stressbuster – when I can get round to doing it but there are so many other things too that I like to do in the way of crafts and many of them I found on Craftsy. Welcome to the family!

Robin Henrikson

It looks like many of us count really loud when counting and someone asks a question. I did this too and still do, but my friend and I have added a new way of keeping from being interrupted. When we knit together, and need to count, we simply say “counting” and know that this is not the time to ask a question.?

Kathy Russell

I love couch crafts. Have tried both knitting and crocheting (self taught) however have not been able to get past the most basics. When I’ve tried to venture to an actual object besides a scarf my projects lose there shape. Can tell by your picture your very talented.

Mary Steev

I love crafting its a big hobby. I do some crafts in my spare time, but I love couch crafts. Craft makes creativity in your life. Thanks for sharing that.

Faisal Zahoor

That’s fantastic blog post i love this art its very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoy reading about the craftsy and other creative art.

Emma Sneddon

Craftsy ideas that are easy to pull off, no matter your skill level. Great content! The holiday season won’t be complete without these DIY tips.


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