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A Handmade Halloween: Our Craftsy Costumes

The Bluprint team is full of creative makers, so we had a feeling that when Halloween came around, we’d see some pretty amazing DIY Halloween costumes. So, we asked the Bluprint team to show us their favorite handmade costumes, and we’re sharing some of our favorites with you. Whether or not you’re dressing up this year, these DIY costumes will get your creative juices flowing!

Our handmade Halloween costumes

Carly’s adorable panda costume

Carly Chappel in Panda Costume

Carly, who’s on our customer service team, has a not-so-secret love for her favorite animal, pandas. “I have pandas all over my desk and have received many panda gifts in the past,” she says.

Panda costume holding panda stuffed animal and mug

So it’s no surprise that Carly has always wanted her own panda costume. And although she’s an avid maker, she didn’t quite know how to create one herself. But one year Carly’s dreams finally came true. Her sister — who’s a pro when it comes to DIY costumes — surprised her with a fleece panda suit that she made from scratch. It arrived just in time for Halloween weekend. “I was so excited, I cried.”

Since then, the panda suit has made its rounds to a few of Carly’s friends, who’ve worn it at parties or dress-up days. That doesn’t mean Carly’s panda suit days are over, though. Her next dream is to “wear it skiing, if it gets warm enough!”

Lindsey as The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Lindsey, a member of our eCommerce team, doesn’t always make her Halloween costumes, but there was something special about Squirrel Girl, a character who’s part girl, part squirrel and a perfect a mix of brains and brawn.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Costume

What attracted Lindsey to this powerful human-squirrel superheroine? “In my previous life, I studied to be a mammalogist — mostly working with chipmunks — but I’m equal opportunity when it comes to woodland rodents,” she says.

Lindseys Squirrel Girl Costume

After a little sewing and a little thrift store shopping, Lindsey’s costume was ready for its debut. And needless to say, Squirrel Girl was unbeatable! It won first place at Bluprint’s Halloween contest last year, and has even made appearances at Denver ComicCon. Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse! That giant tail is hard to miss, and it’s something that Lindsey is particularly proud of. It’s supported by a hidden wire in the jacket, which makes the costume comfortable and stable.

Hannah’s one-of-a-kind rainbow unicorn costume

Hannah Wearing Unicorn Halloween Costume

For Hannah, a designer here at Bluprint, costuming is more than just an annual affair. “It’s my life,” she says. Hannah made this cute-as-a-button rainbow unicorn onesie for a magical creatures–themed costume party, serging almost all of it on her own machine.

Hooded Unicorn Halloween Costume

Consisting of fleece, buttons and polyester stuffing for the horn, this magical unicorn is “the perfect Colorado Halloween costume,” she says. And if you’ve ever experienced Rocky Mountain weather in the fall, you probably can guess why. It’s super warm and “SO comfy.”

Juliana’s impressive disco dancer

Disco Jumpsuit Halloween Costume

Juliana, another one of our designers, found her inspiration while watching the Austin Powers in Goldmember movie (you know, the one with Beyoncé?). She suddenly thought, “I want to dress just like her,” and told her mom about the idea.

Juliana wearing disco halloween costume

Juliana always teams up with her mom for Halloween, because “my mama is the one with the sewing skills.” Her mom, who lives in Brazil, helped plan her costume over Skype. After scouring Pinterest for inspiration, they both decided on a jumpsuit. Then her mom bought the fabric, found a pattern and adjusted it to Juliana’s size.

Do you have a favorite DIY Halloween costume of your own? Share your story in the comments below!

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