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Give the Gift of Crafting!

Want to treat a special maker in your life? Know someone who’s been dying to learn? You’re in luck — now you can give Bluprint classes as a gift!

Gift Wrapping

Here’s how it works

Find it

Pick out the perfect class and then select the “Gift This” button. Not sure which class is the perfect fit? Don’t worry — if the recipient doesn’t love your choice, they can always exchange it by contacting our customer service.

Send it

At checkout, enter the recipient’s name, email address and a special note. You can even pick the delivery date, so you don’t have to spoil the surprise. On the delivery date, the recipient will get your note and the class will be in their account.

Want to send supplies as a gift?

You can purchase kits or supplies as gifts, too!

Once you find the item you like, choose the “Gift This” option to add it to your cart. Keep in mind when you add a gift to your cart, everything in your cart becomes a gift, so be sure to remove anything that you don’t want to gift. The physical items will be shipped as soon as purchased.


Check our Help Center article for more information and FAQs.


Nancy Johnson

Why don’t you guys just have gift cards??? I know my family would have bought a lot of them.

Mary C Fairchild

I got on the site to get a general gift card because I am unsure of which one she would like.. Any chance of getting gift cards for them to cash in?

Carol Tanck


Judy Stewart

Good idea!! My family would jump on that one!!

Carlotta Melvin

I agree with the previous two respondents. Gifting discussed above is fine if I want something specific that is currently offered but a gift card would allow me to use it on something (maybe a kit or class) that shows up later. I had planned to ask for a gift card from Craftsy as one of my gifts before I found that you don’t offer them. ☹️

Sarah Lee

My vote is also for gift cards !! Great idea !!


I would also like to see Crafts gift cards!

Tina in NJ

You can use iTunes gift cards to buy a class, but it has to be through the app, not the website. I’ve done so, after my son gave me an iTunes gift card for Christmas last year

Tracy Hoffmann

Craftsy gift cards are the way to go. Shouldn’t be that hard to pull together!


Agree. Craftsy gift cards are more convenient and would surely get more income for Craftsy.

gwen galster

Wow. Just recently there was an influx of complaints about Craftsy taking this feature away! When I read today’s blog I thought…Wow…the people spoke and they actually listened and acted! Now all these negative comments….you can please some of the people some of the time……

Janis S. TheCookieMomster

Gotta agree with Gwen. Craftsy is still trying to figure out what features they need to “add back in” to make it easy on everyone to use their site. Personally, I didn’t have ANY issues with “the old site” and still shake my head that they decided to change it in the first place. I still miss having others send me pictures of what they created in a class I’ve joined, or leave a comment on projects I’ve created. That was what I enjoyed most about Craftsy….the “community support for one another”. If the “new site” still offers this, I can’t locate it. Anyway, Craftsy did listen to us when we asked for the “gifting” option to be brought back….lets give them a chance to add Gift Cards as an option, too. Wishing everyone a joyous Holiday Season and a safe, healthy 2017!


Gift cards / certificates for classes would be great! I would be happy to give a class as a gift and let the receiver choose which one they want. If they choose a class that’s more expensive than the gift, they can use the gift and pay for the difference. If I pick a class, they’ll feel obligated to take that specific class rather than contact customer service to exchange it. That seems like a hassle for what should be a pleasant experience.


There should be gift cards!


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