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Give the Gift of Craftsy With This FREE Printable

There’s something a little different about giving a digital gift. An email sent on Christmas day just isn’t the same as a little package wrapped up with a bow.

We know how important unwrapping gift is, which is why we created this new, FREE printable gift certificate for gifting a Bluprint class.

Bluprint Free Gift Certificate

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your gift recipient and the class you’d like to give them.
  2. Check out with the class, and make sure to select “Make this a gift order” (here’s a little more info)
  3. Download and print the free gift certificate. If you have it, go with single-sided decorative paper.
  4. Cut on the dotted lines. Then, make two horizontal folds to create an envelope shape.
  5. Put your finishing touches — like a ribbon or the recipient’s name — and seal the envelope closed. Then all you have to do is wait for present time!

Plus, a little something for you…

This season only, we’re making the gift of Bluprint even sweeter! When you gift three Bluprint classes, we’ll give you one for free. Get all the details here


Carol Dunn

Great Idea


Thanks for making us such generous Christmas givers! Oh how we love our Craftsy.

Karen Donaldson Gruber

Aw, Rats! When I saw the “Gift For You” part I thought it was for me and got all tingly….til I scrolled down and read the rest. Oh well. I’ll keep registering for the giveaways. Nice idea, though.


I’m from Puerto Rico and after Hurricane Maria the majority of the island has no power. Due to lack of electricity I’m unable to access computer, print and send invitations to others. I am interested and was wondering when does the promotion ends.


i tried to send a free class but the order summery said it was still 29$
do i just click check out any way?

Janet Hammond

Same here Karen! I keep entering to win a free class but, after purchasing over 80 classes (!), I am never lucky.

Brigid d de Jong

I’d still like to be able to gift an amount and allow the recipient to choose a class. Will that option ever be available?

Glenda Conrady

I love you Craftsy. I would love to get someone else hooked on your classes. I love everyone of them.


Would like to send a class as a birthday gift to a friend. A birthday “wrapping” would be nice!


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