Free Pattern Friday: Roses Are Red…

…and we have free patterns for you! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these quick and easy projects that are perfect for the special people in your life.

Rose Paper Piecing

1Rose Paper Piecing

If you can stitch along a printed line, you can create this beautiful paper-pieced rose block. Make a mug rug or pop it in a frame.

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Ruffled Rag Roses

2Ruffled Rag Roses

These embellishments are fun and easy to make using scraps. Stitch them by hand or machine onto a felt base, then use them as appliqué.

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Rose Neck Piece

3Rose Neck Piece

A unique fashion accessory is just minutes away. Knit a I-cord accented with roses with wool or cotton yarn scraps.

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Crocheted Rose


Crochet a bouquet in no time with this beginner pattern. Add taped wire or pipe cleaner stems and place them in a vase for a romantic accent.

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Sew Sweet Roses Tutorial

5Sew Sweet Roses Tutorial

This beginner pattern uses basic backstitches, lazy daisy and running stitches to create a sweet bouquet that’s perfect for a card or an antique frame.

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Seed Bead Rose

6Seed Bead Rose

If you know how to stitch the peyote or brick stitch, you can use this pattern to make a set of earrings, a pendant or a purse charm.

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Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial

7Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial

Make a lovely card to include with your handmade and heartfelt gift. Just print, decorate, glue and go!

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Heart and Rose Sugar Cookies

8Hearts & Roses Valentine Sugar Cookies

Edible Valentines never looked so pretty. Learn how to add professional decorating techniques to rolled sugar cookies, turning them into a work of heart.

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Love your Friday Freebies! But I wish there was a way on the Craftsy Blog, to navigate back to the page I was just on – once I put something in my cart, I can’t get back to the same page unless I got back to the original entry point. Sometimes I am interested in several things on the same page, and navigation is awkward. Actually, this is true for me across the whole of the Craftsy site, not just on Freebie Friday blogs. Am I doing something wrong?


I agree Kresti. I run into the same thing; I don’t think you are doing anything wrong . . . or maybe we both are! Kind of makes you think you will lose what you just put in your cart if you hit the back button. Thankfully that is not the case.


Hit the back button.


in Firefox – click the “get the free pattern” with the right button/side of the mouse. And open a new tab.


If you right click on the link, and the press “Open link in new tab” you can see the link you want to click on and the original page at the same time

Raquel Garcia

I have the same issue. I just go back to the email each time. It is a bit annoying.


Kresti: I have the same problem. Navigation is awkward.


I have the same problem Kresti so you are not alone!!

Cindy S

Depending on what browser you’re using you may be able to hold the back arrow and see all the pages you’ve visited. Then you can click on the first page instead of clicking back one page at a time. This works in Chrome.


Open the link on a new tab. This will leave this page open. Right click on the pattern link, if using a mouse, and select Open in a new tab.
If you’re using a laptop and the mouse pad use the bar on the right side to get the same result.

After you’ve added to the cart close ONLY that page so THIS page remains open. Once you’ve added all the items you want to the cart finalize the cart.

Easy peasy once you know how to do it.


I use Control+click to open a separate window for each pattern I want (the original window stays open), THEN I put the patterns in my cart from the other windows.


You can also right-click on the image of something you’re interested in and it will open in a new tab. You can open as many additional tabs as you like while remaining on the page that you want to finish viewing.

Nancy G

Or right click or hold if a touch screen and choose to open in a new tab


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