Free Pattern Friday: Road Trip Ready

Planning a summer road trip? You don’t have to leave your favorite crafts at home! Get ready to hit the road with these free projects and recipes to sustain you along the way.

checkerboard mug rug

1 Checkerboard Mug Rug

In campers and RVs, space is at a premium. Instead of placemats, how about mug rugs? They stitch up quickly using an easy strip piecing technique.

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crossbody wallet bag

2Small Crossbody Wallet

Keep valuables close at hand. This wallet-style crossbody bag is perfect for traveling without too much bulk.

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triangle knit shawl

3Van Smoot Shawl

Light and airy, this classic triangle shawl is a great addition to your road trip packing list. Wear it over sleeveless shirts and dresses on unpredictable weather days.

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crocheted basket

4Crochet Basket

Worked in the round, these baskets are not only easy to make, but they’re quite useful as well! Fill them with craft projects, picnic supplies, toys or snacks and stash it in the car.

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embroidered laundry bag

5Travel Laundry Bag

Keep the dirty laundry separate with this fantastic drawstring bag. Add your own touch with a pretty embroidered panel.

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photo of washington monument

6Travel Photography Tips

These quick tips will help you take magazine-quality photos you’ll love to show off.

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7Healthy Snacks for the Road

Eating healthy is especially important when you’re away from home. These kid-friendly recipes are easy to make, nutritious, store well and don’t make much of a mess — perfect for trips both short and long.

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I am pretty new to this site, but from what I’ve seen so far, seems to be wonderful, and definitely a site I will always continue to use. I started learning how to crochet about five years ago, but with three kids, husband, and working, it was pretty much on and off again. But I love everything about crocheting, the yarn, starting a new project, and of course finishing one. It’s like finishing a good series. You can’t wait until you get to the end, but then once you do, you kind of really miss it. I haven’t crocheted as much as I would really love to. I am 34 years old, and have been wheelchair bound for the past two years. So now I actually do have time, and would love to get in knee deep working on different projects. However, because it’s extremely hard for me to leave the house, I am looking for an online group/ classes where I am able to work with others on the same projects, while being able to communicate on progress, questions, ideas, and so forth. Please let me know if the classes you offer are taken individually or within a group setting, and if there is a monthly or yearly membership fee for these classes, versus per class. If this site doesn’t offer a group setting, I would highly appreciate it, if you can provide me with the names and websites where I may find this type of group setting. Thank you so much, I appreciate your time.


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