Free Pattern Friday: Knits, Quilts & More

As the week winds down, the first question we ask ourselves is: What projects are we working on this weekend? Time is precious, and we like to use every moment possible actually doing (not just thinking about) our craft of choice, whether it’s quilting, or crocheting, or knitting, or sewing, or anything else. We had a feeling that many of you would agree. That’s why we want to start your weekends off right, by pointing you to awesome and completely free patterns every Friday. That way you simply check them out, download the ones you like, and then you have the whole weekend (and more) to quilt/knit/sew/crochet/paper craft, etc. Remember to check back every Friday to see our latest batch of awesome free patterns!

Free Knitting Pattern

Looking for a new knitting project? Check out this free scarf knit pattern featuring textured diamond shapes by FrecklesnPurls. It’s great for beginners and makes for the perfect introduction to entrelac.

Free Quilting Pattern

If quilting is your craft of choice, we know you’ll enjoy this free baby quilt pattern from Freshly Pieced. Because the blocks look a bit like kissing fish, it’s called Kissing Fish Baby Quilt. It makes an adorable scrap quilt!

Free Sewing Pattern

It’s time to put your needle and thread to use, creating the Spring Blouse with this free pattern by CraftHabit. This super easy Spring blouse, will bring the right flair to your wardrobe with its endless fabric possibilities.

Free Jewelry Pattern

Complement any outfit with these earrings created from the free Cute as a Button pattern by Bianc. Make these beautiful beaded buttons with ease.

Free Felting Pattern

To get creative and seasonally festive with your felt, check out the free Knit and Felt Egg Ornaments pattern by Amy Munson. With Spring approaching it’s a perfect time to get a jump on home decor. These eggs, knit in the round, will bring a pop of color to any room.

Free Paper Crafts Pattern

Are you into paper crafts? If so, you’ll love this free Paper Roses pattern by Hectanooga. These easy to create roses are perfect for weddings, or celebrating Spring in style.

Free Embroidery Pattern

We found your new embroidery project: the free Oh Sweet Mushroom pattern by  Jennifer O featuring French knots. It’s the perfect time of year to hibernate inside with a mug of tea and this whimsical cross stitch pattern. The beautiful version below was created by soma1773.


Remember, we’ll be here posting more great free patterns each and every Friday. So check back and make sure all your weekends are crafty with Craftsy!


Helen L. Strain

I recently wrote asking if there were any courses on the proper way to knit the “European way” where you hold the yarn in the left hand. I was taught to hold the yarn in my right hand, as were most of my friends, but I had a German neighbour who could knot so fast using yarn held in her left hand.


I have been asking the same question about europian knitting for yrs I’m going to give it a try thank you

Fiber Babble

I think what you’re looking for is called “Continental” knitting. There are bunches of videos online that demonstrate the technique. Try a few of them until one ‘clicks’ with you. (That’s my preferred way of knitting)

Barb R

Helen, it is called “continental knitting”. I don’t know of any specific classes, but you’ll be able to find lots and lots of videos on You Tube if you enter the correct term in the search box. Have fun!


My aunt taught me how to knit when I was 12. Years later and many projects later she told me she taught me the German way to knit. ( holding the yarn in right hand) When I tried to hold the yarn in the left hand it felt so strange I just kept on knitting the way she taught me. :o)

Marie I Oliveira

I think this is a cute pattern

Marie I Oliveira

I look forward to making such lovely patterns

Maritha Bergman Okoye

I´m sorry, I should have written in english. This site is so wonderful and I will absolutly recommend it to my friends. U have have everything for whatever U want to do with U hands.

Maria Torres

Thank you for the patterns


You have beautiful items here! I love crafting, and making things by crocheting, jewelry and more. This really releases stress.

Diana Priebe

Thank you for sharing these free patterns. Love Craftsy


I signed up for an account but still cant see how you get see the free patterns. Anyone out there got a clue please??



What you’re speaking of is called the Continental method. Being from Germany, my mother taught me to knit this way when I was only six years old. I’ve found a video on YouTube that might be helpful to you. I don’t wrap my yarn the same way Judy does, but she says in the dialogue that there are various ways to hold it.

I hope this helps, and Happy Knitting!!

june swannie

Looks amazing patterns, am home most of the time and find that crafts help me relax.

Mary Faircloth

I haven’t been knitting or crocheting for years and thanks to your wonderful site I am motivated. I’ve got a ways to go since I’ve never been very adventurous with my projects.


Thank you for sharing this free paterns. Craftsy is the best.
I will worm recommend it to my friends.
Love Craftsy.


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