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Introducing Favorites: Keep Track of the Blogs You Love Most!

We know readers like you have been asking for a way to save blogs you love the most so you can easily come back to find them whenever you want. Well, we’ve got some exciting news: Now you can, thanks to Favorites!

Favorited Blog Posts

That’s right, Favorites has come to the Bluprint blog — hooray! This means that when you come across an amazing recipe, an easy step-by-step tutorial, or a story that inspires you, now you can save it forever by simply by Favoriting it.

How do I favorite a blog post?

It couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is click the small, red heart icon below the title of the blog you love, and it will automatically be saved to your Favorites.

How to favorite a blog post

Keep in mind that you’ll need to log in to your account (or you’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one already) to do so.

Where to Find Your Favorites

Then, to access your Favorites, simply click the small red heart outline in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You’ll find your fave blog posts mixed in with classes, patterns and anything else you’ve saved.

The best of the best

Not sure where, or how, to get started? No problem! To kick things off, we’ve rounded up a list of our most popular blog posts.

Give them a read and, if anything catches your eye, click that heart and add it to your Favorites. It’ll be there for your reference any time, as often as you’d like.

Drip Cake

How to Make a Trendy Drip Cake

Make a cake that’s dripping with fun — and with a luxurious ganache glaze! Get in on the trend that’s not going away with this easy drip cake tutorial. 

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Crochet Edge Stitches

5 Crochet Edges You Should Know

Finishing can sometimes be the best part of a long project. Here are five edges every crocheter should know

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Sewing Machine

14 Sewing Tricks That’ll Save Tons of Time

Want to get more sewing accomplished? Try these time-saving tips that’ll help you finish more projects in less time.

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Cloud bread

4-Ingredient Cloud Bread Recipe

Feeling a little nervous about baking bread for the first time? We’ve found the perfect recipe to help you gain bread-baking confidence!

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Batik Mug Rug

FREE Mug Rug Pattern for Batiks

Use up a few charm squares in a chic (but simple-to-sew) braid.

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Mixing Skin Tones in Acrylic

An Easy Method for Mixing Acrylic Paint for Skin Tones

This simple approach that uses primary colors requires a little practice, but with a little trial and error, you’ll be creating skin tones like a pro!

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Sheryl Murphy

Thank you so much for making it easier to keep track of all the jewels that we find in the blog posts; it’s very much appreciated. However, not to be too picky, it would really be nice if there was a subcategory stack in which we can organize those favorites. Currently I have 7 pages of favorites that include projects, patterns to purchase, recipes and online classes. And in order to find what I’m looking for I still have to page through all of those 7 pages to locate something. So obviously this issue becomes more daunting in the future as I add more favorites, especially the jewels out of the blogs. It would be so helpful if I could search my favorites by type in the future.


What is missing on Craftsy since “The Change” is being able to click on and save (favorite , if you wish) the names of crafters whose work I like best. I had a whole library of people whose work I used to love to see. If I can once again save people by name and then to see all of their projects and something about them, then I will once again be a happy camper and crafter at Craftsy. I realize that i can save individual projects, but that’s not what I’m talking about.


I agree. I had the same type of library and I’d love to have it back. Is there any way to do this , Craftsy?


Me too!

Kathryn Dahn

Is this only for Craftsy blogs or any blog that I follow? Great idea!


Hi Kathryn, this is only for the Craftsy Blog.


Great Idea. Is there any way to sub group them in favorites…quilt blogs, knitting blogs?


Thank you this will be great! However I do agree with another Craftsy reader who states, “It would really be nice if there was a subcategory stack in which we can organize those favorites”. It would be nice to be able to organize patterns in different catergories as well ie. Quilting, sewing, etc.

Betty Dunn

I agree with Sheryl. A way to put our favorites into categories would be most helpful.
Thanks for giving us this file.
If, in the future, you do add
the ability to sort by category ( or artist) please allow us to resort all of our favorites into the new categories.

Leslie Prall

This could be a great feature, but I have to agree with Sheryl. If it’s not organized, it doesn’t work for me.


Francine and Sheryl address two of the issues that I have run across. In the past when I found a class I liked, I put it in my wish list. Now the Favorites is a huge mess to fend through when you decide to buy a class. I quit favoriting anything else, so I can maintain a class wish list for myself. This change was a step back in customer service. I won’t be favoriting blog posts, it’s just another thing to add to the mess in the Favorites list.
I also miss the ability to follow people whose work I liked.
Maybe the new people can bring this back.
Happy crafting!


Thank you for blog favorites! I know i have asked for it before and now I’ll be using it.


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