It’s Back! Favorite Your Way to Black Friday

Nobody wants to wait till Black Friday to get the best prices — and now you don’t have to! All you ahve to do is Favorite the things you love on Craftsy by clicking the orange heart. Over the next few weeks, we’ll unlock pricing for the items with the most love.

Craftsy Favorite to Black Friday

That means any project kit, video class or tools, fabric and yarn that you Favorite could be on sale earlier than expected! It’s time to start exploring.



i’d love to order a craftsy quilt kit but i’m not sure how to do it. i live in Canada. Are the shipping costs horrible?


No the shipping costs aren’t horrible. this is my favorite site to order from even with exchange being bad. Great quality great sales fun patterns !!

Scheri Manson

Shipping costs are not bad. It’s the duty that the carrier requires when they deliver


This is going to be fun. Can’t wait to see what I might win. A new kit, yarn or possibly some fabulous fabric.

Tracy Francis

I order kits from Craftsy all the time. I live in BC. The shipping etc is not that bad, and the transit time is quite quick.

Anna McCurdy

I have ordered a number of kits and fabric from Craftsy and always been thrilled with their products. I also live in Canada and have found the shipping pretty reasonable.

Ann Winter

It is Australia that you worry about with costs for shipping etc.It doesn’t make it worth it which is unfortunate.

Barbara Delarwelle

Hi all,
I’m so excited to be here. I love Craftsy!!


So how does this work? Will we get a notification that favorited items are on sale or do we need to just constantly check our favorites for the specials?


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