Free Pattern Friday: Great Gifts for Dads

Don’t have any ideas for dad for Father’s Day yet? We have eight free projects ideas all guaranteed to end in a big bear hug from the dads in your life.

Fun Strip Quilt

1Fun Strip Quilt

Precuts and scrap strips stitch up quickly with this easy pattern that’s an adaptation of the Rail Fence pattern. Make it in Dad’s favorite colors!

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Sleeve Phone Pouch

2Sleeve Phone Pouch

Even novice sewers can make this impressive phone case. Adapt it to any phone size, so pop can store his gadget of choice.

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Adult Bootie Slippers

3Adult Bootie Slippers

Even new knitters can make these slippers. Dad can wear them around the air-conditioned house, and he’ll really appreciate them when it gets cold!

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Car Seatbelt Neck Pad

4Car Seatbelt Neck Pad

Does dad spend a lot of time on the road? If so, this crocheted wrap-around seatbelt neck pad can make his daily commute or road trips much better.

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Father's Day Cross Stitch

5Father’s Day Cross Stitch

Need a quick gift? Try this easy cross stitch pattern! Trim with pinking shears and glue it onto the front of a notebook for a custom journal.

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Rock Buddies

6Rock Buddies

Let the kids pick out the rocks (and maybe even decorate them!), then add wire and beads to create a unique paper weight.

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Father’s Day Gift Box Holder

7Father’s Day Gift Box Holder

Just print and fold for an adorable gift box. It’s just the right size to hold a gift card for a one-size-fits-all Father’s Day present.

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Dapper Dad Cupcakes

8Dapper Dad Cupcakes

Check out this cute tutorial and make cupcakes like he’s never seen before! In just a few steps, fondant turns into a dapper vest and top hat fit for the occasion.

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Brian Pittman

Thanks for the father’s day gift ideas. These are all good ideas. But I have selected one from this list which is really awesome but I will not disclose it to you now. I t’s a surprise for my Dad. Thanks !!


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