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Day 6 Means Staying Comfy, Cozy and Creative — It’s PJ day!

Whether you’re kicking your day off with creative endeavors or winding down with handmade wonders, we think you should keep things cozy. That’s why day 6 of Spirit Week is all about snuggling up in the pleasing comfort of those PJs! That’s right, it’s pajama pandemonium, and we’re shaking things up by bringing you our favorite free classes, PJ-worthy projects and the chance to win ten classes of your choice!

Enjoy classes, kits and the pleasure of PJ’s! Plus, enter to win the Spirit Week grand prize!

Day 6 of Spirit Week on Bluprint: PJ Day!

Free cozy classes!

Stay snuggled up as you add new skills to your repertoire. With lifetime access to these free online Bluprint classes you can watch anytime, anywhere, your PJs are proper learning attire!

Creative Cabled Necklines

Bring some drama to your neckline! Add fabulous focal points to all of your knits with captivating, cabled necklines full of life and texture.

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2015 Bluprint Block of the Month

Do your PJs need a partner to help keep you cozy? Create a Bluprint-exclusive quilt design in this fun exploration of appliqué, partial seams, foundation piecing and more!

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Draw Better Portraits

Capture realistic portraits in your pajamas! Recreate the specific nuances of any face as you learn to draw features with uncanny resemblance.

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Perfect Pizza at Home

Why get delivery when you can make the perfect pizza at home — in your PJs of course! Stretch some dough and your imagination as you bake a tantalizing treat topped with your favorites.

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Beautiful Wirework Jewelry

Your PJ party is coming down to the wire! From hoop necklaces to beautiful bangles, get the wirework essentials you need for fabulous wire-wrapped pieces with tasteful pizzaz.

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Create Stunning Birthday Cards

Ditch the store-bought birthday card for a handmade creation full of personal flair and interactive features! Stay PJ-clad and follow along with paper expert Kimber McGray as she teaches you the skills you need to make a special card for that special someone.

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The Wilton Method- Creative Cake Pops

Pajamas + cake? That’s like having your cake and eating it too! Put some POP in your next batch of cake pops with this exciting collection of dazzling decorating techniques.

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Amazing Crochet Textures- Ribbing, Cables & Beads

Create dreamy embellishments while you’re in your sleepwear! From riveting ribbing to lovely, cascading cables, kick your crochet up a notch with techniques for incredible details.

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Cozy project kits!

This bounty of pajama-worthy projects is sure to get your creative juices flowing! Your kit purchase comes with a pattern and all the fiber or fabric you need to work up something special while you’re keeping cozy.

Dreaming in Color Flannel Robe Kit

Do you hear that? It’s your pajamas crying out to be paired with a comfy robe. Take cozy to a whole new level with this relaxation-ready piece that will put the perfect finishing touch on your lounging attire.

Get the kit here! »

Dreaming in Color Flannel PJ Pant

The essential component to properly celebrating PJ Day? Pajamas of course! Get this kit to sew couch-worthy creations that will upgrade you from comfortable to “not moving anytime soon.”

Get the kit here! »

Rashida Colemanhale Pouch Duo

Quick, fun and funky? Sounds like a PJ-worthy project to us! Enjoy creating this quick-to-sew accessory that will make organizing your sewing supplies a breeze.

Get the kit here! »

Mustang Pillow Quilt Kit

Superb slumber is in your future! Get this kit to create a fabulous pillow from playful, included fabric full of the sleep-worthy softness you crave.

Get the kit here! »

Sewing Kit Trio

Stay in and step up your storage options! House sewing supplies and more in this tantalizing trio of totes: the perfect addition for organizing your creative endeavors.

Get the kit here! »

Fisherman's Wife Cowl Kit (Knit)

Fishing for something to do while you’re all comfy and cozy? The Fisherman’s Wife Cowl is a captivating accessory that will help you weather any style storm in elegant fashion.

Get the kit here! »

Eco Quilt & Cable Blanket Kit

When you create it yourself, it just feels cozier. Snuggle up in with the Eco Quilt Cable Blanket Kit, and enjoy the stunning warmth that can only come from the perfect yarn and a little bit of handmade love.

Get the kit here! »

Thames Tunic Kit

As enduring as the Thames River, the style of the Thames Tunic is a timeless treat. Once you ditch the pajamas, pair this top with your favorite pair of slacks for spectacular results.

Get the kit here! »

Simple Waves Headband and Boot Cuffs Kit

Looking for a quick project that won’t take away your whole day of pajama-clad relaxation? Work up this cute set of a headband and boot cuffs in no time at all and use it to add a sense of coordination in any ensemble.

Get the kit here! »

Let’s learn great skills, create great projects and start a relaxation revolution. It’s time to slip into that sleepwear and spread the pajama fun far and wide!

Enter to win the grand prize!


Sylvie Thibodeau Doyon

thanks for the big sales, love all your Craftsy classes (God knows I have a few lol)


thanks for all the classes.

Carol Shores

I would love this!

Sandra jeanneret

thank you for so many opportunities to review classes for free…
I have taken advantage several times and I must say, for the most part, I am impressed


Special thanks for all your Craftsy classes.


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