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Have We Got A Tip for You!? A Roundup Our Best Hacks

Introducing the Bluprint Hackathon! We’re always looking for tips, tricks or helpful hints to make your life — or at least your next project — a little easier. So, we’ll be rounding up the best and brightest hacks and sharing them with you right here! From quick and easy quilting, and organizing your sewing room to tips for storing cut vegetables and more, you’re sure to find a tip that’s a real treat.

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How to Store Cut Vegetables


Streamline your cooking with helpful tips on cutting and storing go-to veggies, so that they’re always ready to be thrown into a flavorful sauce or delicious stew!

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Cake Decorating Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Cake Decorating

Get five time-saving tips for decorating a variety of cakes in a flash, without sacrificing on your beautiful design!

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Sewing Organization Ideas


Kiss sewing room chaos goodbye! Enjoy four patterns that are guaranteed to get your sewing room organized and back on track.

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Tips and Tricks for Easy Quilting


Get more quilting done in less time with these 15 quick-and-easy quilting tips! You’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done in less time.

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BX Font Shortcuts for Embroidery


Wondering what the big deal is about BX fonts? We’ve got you covered with this handy guide to machine embroidery’s newest time-saving program!

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Tips for Drawing Realistic Faces


Heads and faces can be the trickiest to draw, but not with this comprehensive roundup of tips!

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How to Mix Acrylic Paint for Skin Tones


The secrets to beautifully blended skin tones are here! Check out these insider tricks, and start creating natural-looking skin tones for every portrait you make.

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How to Use a Histogram in Your Photography


How familiar are you with your histogram? If your answer is “not very,” check out this guide to histogram basics and get comfortable with your new favorite tool!

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Wood Joinery Techniques You Should Knot


Can you name all six of the wood joinery techniques every woodworker should know? Check your knowledge here!

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6 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally


Stop swatting long enough to check out the six skin-saving plants that repel mosquitos naturally and save you that itch!

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Ways to Mix Yarn: A Brilliant Solution for Stash Busting


Are you always looking for ways to mix yarn? Take a look at these stash-busting solutions for getting the most mileage from each skein!

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10 Must-Know Crochet Hacks


Improve your crocheting experience with these 10 hook-changing tips! You’ll love the results.

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6 Finishing Techniques for Weaving Fringe

Spinning & Weaving

The fringe benefits of reading this post? Six new finishing techniques for your most fabulous fringe yet!

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Make Nail Polish Jewelry


Put all of those leftover nail polish colors to use with this simple tutorial for making eye-catching nail polish jewelry!

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Paper Craft Hacks That Save You Time and Money

Paper Crafts

Save time and money with these seven paper crafting hacks! You’ll love the results and the extra money in your pocket.

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