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The Crafting Connection: Carrie & Claire

For the month leading up to Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the incredible journey of everything moms do! That’s why we asked our own employees to share how their mothers’ crafts have had a special impact on them, and the relationships they now share.

To kick things off, we’re highlighting Carrie, our Senior Marketing Manager, and her mom, Claire. Turns out Claire’s dedication to hand-sewn outfits for all her kids in now one of Carrie’s most cherished memories.

In Carrie’s own words:

Carrie Kaufman and Siblings

As an adult, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite photos. These are Halloween costumes that my Mom made for my brother (dwarf), sister (evil queen) and me (snow white). I love it because it’s a reminder of everything my mom did for me — for us — when we were little. She always insisted on always making our holiday attire. Whether it was Christmas, Easter or Halloween, you can guarantee we were all in hand-sewn, matching outfits.

Connected through craft

My mom taught me, through her love of sewing, how truly important it is to go the extra mile when it comes to the people you love. Despite being a working mom of three, she always found the time to add her personal touch to the milestone moments of all her kids’ lives. From hand-sewn outfits to homemade birthday treats, nothing was too big or too small. My mom never cut a corner, and that’s something I’ll never forget, and always appreciate.

Carrie & Her Mom

No One Makes It Like a Mother

Nothing would be as sweet if it weren’t for moms. We’re celebrating the women in our lives and the magic they make all month long. Click the photo below for more heartwarming stories.

Make it Like a Mother


Becky Wilson

I was always a tall string-bean and nothing from a store would fit me. In the 70’s with short skirts, being tall was a real problem. My mom would make my clothes so they would fit or if i got a store bought outfit, she would take in the waist. Sewing was the only “craft” mom did back then, but I’m sure she learned it from her mom, who sewed and crocheted. I’m so glad I got to learn from both these amazing women.

Virginia Marien

Beautiful story. Our Mothers really have inspired and shown us the way.

Vivien Cooper

Such a lovely story, so nice to see your staff – Carrie and her Mom are two very beautiful ladies. Think this is a great theme, for sharing. Thank you.

Bettye King

We grew up without many financial resources so my dear mother sewed almost everything we wore. My brother was the youngest and was not aware that some items were actually purchased in the store. One day he went to Mom as told her he needed for her to sew him some new underwear! We probably would have been naked without Mom’s sewing talents. Thank you so much, Mom.

Jean Bosse

One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor beside my mothers sewing machine while she sewed clothes for my sisters and I. One time she gave me a scrap of gray wool from a skirt she was making and showed me how to gather it to make a skirt for my doll. And when I was older she showed me how to fit patterns to fit my narrow shoulders and bigger arms. Now I’m a dedicated quilter and think of her often as I sew my masterpieces.


I loved reading your story, Carrie.
It certainly hit a cord.
My mom was the same, and it has been a huge inspiration. I do thesame withmy own kids. I bake their Birthday cakes, cover their books and notebooks, and sew their costumes.
It makes all the difference in the world, and it is my way of showing my love to them.
Thank you for sharing,

Merry Pinbender

My Mom was very talented with her sewing. I had several baby outfits (mine) for my lifesize baby doll, including a harlequin sleeper with matching hat! That was in the late 50’s. After that she worked full time but, she still sewed my Halloween costumes ( a favorite was my Siamese cat costume that she rigged with a string to” make the tail move like our cats”) and ribbons on my slippers, toeshoes and all but the last year’s ballet recital tutu’s!
She encouraged me in all my artistic endeavors all the while saying she didn’t have any talent. At least not artistic. She was one in a million and I miss her still.
But I still have fun making stuff. Thanks Mom!


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