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Uncover The Best Knitting & Crochet Ideas From 2015

Best of the Craftsy Blog

This year has whizzed by, with plenty of skeins and stitches in the mix! Just like you, we’ve had our hands in lots of yarn this year — would you believe that in 2015, Craftsy created more than 275 blog posts, 10 downloadable guides and over 40 classes for fiber fanatics? It’s true! And you can find the best ones right here.

Knitters loved these speed-knitting tips, free patterns, color ideas and finishing techniques.

If you crochet, you’re going to want to read these genius ideas!

No matter which craft you prefer, if you can’t enough yarn, you’ll adore these fiber resources.

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I placed an order over two weeks ago and nothing has arrived – please tell me when I may receive my order – thank you


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