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Announcing the Winner of the Craftsy Pet Portrait Contest

To be able to capture the unique personality of an animal in their portrait is no easy feat for an artist. The entries into our 2014 Bluprint Pet Portrait Contest proved that it is far from impossible, however. Our talented art community really pulled out all of the stops for this contest, and the works created so poignantly express the special character and unparalleled joy that pets bring into our lives.

Bluprint instructor Pat Weaver, whose class Pet Portraits inspired us, was the venerable guest judge for this contest, and was hard-pressed to choose just one entry as a winner. Beautiful work all around, and we encourage you to leave your feedback for your fellow artists and share their work.

The Winner of the 2014 Pet Portrait Contest:

Cat and Mouse: Bluprint Member Painting

By Evgeniy Shurakov

“This painting of the cat and mouse is my Number 1 pick,” says Pat Weaver of this clever work, painting in acrylic in the realist vein. “Very original and clever, and it’s typical of what cat’s do. The painting is cropped, which I like, not necessary to show everything. The fur, eye and nose are wonderful, and I like the fact that this artist played warm against cool, not just making everything in the painting warm color.”

Congratulations, Evgeniy Shurakov! We will be in touch soon about your Amazon gift card!



A big congratulations as well to our runners-up!

Painting of Dog in Chair

By member debrakeir1718387

“Leather and Lace is my Number 2 pick,” says Pat. “It’s very difficult to paint a black animal and the artist captured the shiny coat. I like the positioning of the head in the painting, and the leather chair is convincing without being too detailed, as well as the lace. Very nice work.”

Painting of Dog - Bluprint Pet Portrait Contest By member kimyoung23314142

“This is a very compelling painting,” Pat commented, “The eye is beautifully painted, and the painting is well executed. I like the idea of cropping the face only showing one eye.”

Shepherd Dog Drawing

By jmurgas3305891

Pat says of this painting: “Well executed, all the values read and it shows good contrast. The dog’s eyes are moist and lively.”

Painting of Cat in the Sun

By suzi3323647

“I like the fact that the artist put the shadow over the top of the cat’s eye. The fur is convincing without too much detail, plus it has nice lost and found edges,” says Pat.


Honorable Mentions

If there is any art contest out there that will make you say, “awwwww!” it is certainly the Pet Portrait Contest! Each of our honorable mentions inspired us all to say just that.

Drawing of Dog: Bluprint By jesskotzmn3289230

Painting of Small Dog - Bluprint Member ProjectBy member viki_mini

Bluprint Pet Portraits: Painting of Cat CrouchingBy spodiniel2007174

Bluprint Member's Artwork with FrogBy Fuglsbjerg

Painting of White Horse - Bluprint.comBy peyes04273281571


Painting of Husky: Bluprint Pet Portrait Contest By member Alex Da Cat Portrait of DogBy Micky Arnold

Portrait of CatBy debrakeir1718387

Interesting Drawing of Dog: Bluprint.comBy member mertens150 

Dog Against Floral BackgroundBy markromer3407084

Painting of Kitty Cat - Bluprint.comBy member papssgard3152564

Exceptional work, everyone! Congratulations to our winner!

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